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Richard Kim, MD | Jason Denbo, MD
Mintallah Haider, MD | Daniel Anaya, MD

The Hepatobiliary Section is part of the Department of Gastrointestinal Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center and treats the highest volume of patients in the Southeast region of the United States, providing world-class care with results that consistently surpass national benchmarks.

The Hepatobiliary Section is a multidisciplinary team focused on the prevention and treatment of patients with tumors of the liver (including metastases), gallbladder and bile ducts. The section is led by Dr. Daniel Anaya – Senior Member and Chief of Gastrointestinal Surgery – and is composed of over 20 specialized physicians providing services in the fields of surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, interventional radiology, pathology, with advanced practice providers, nurses and ancillary staff supporting clinical, research and educational activities within the section.

Care delivered through the hepatobiliary team defines true patient-centered care. The section provides patients easy access to Moffitt geared to expedite treatment initiation. Before a consultation, patients are discussed at the weekly section’s Tumor Board, a recognized model of multidisciplinary cancer care. This model allows the entire team to review and discuss critical information together, including imaging, biopsy results and molecular/genetic features of each tumor, providing a true personalized treatment recommendation tailored to each individual patient, even before visiting the clinic. During the first clinic encounter, treatment options are presented and adjusted to each patient’s specific needs, and quickly initiated.

Each subspecialty also leads focused initiatives geared to advance the field by developing innovative treatments and approaches, in many cases pioneered and led for the first time at Moffitt. Dr. Richard Kim – Senior Member and Chief of Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology – leads treatments using systemic therapies, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy. He also leads efforts related to clinical trials for patients with hepatobiliary tumors – providing novel treatment options at every stage of the cancer journey. The surgical team performs the highest volume of complex liver operations in the region using a systematic approach for every procedure, including unique imaging modalities and comprehensive surgical planning, and each operation is tailored to the individual patient. Dr. Jason Denbo – Assistant Member and Surgical Oncologist – leads the Robotic Liver Program, where each patient’s case is reviewed and considered for a robotic operation, when meeting predefined standards. Other members in the section are also critical and lead their corresponding fields making all types of liver-directed therapies (interventional radiology) and novel radiation oncology techniques, uniquely available to patients at Moffitt.

In support of the Moffitt vision to transform cancer care locally and beyond, the section holds several community outreach initiatives. As the section’s Director of Outreach and Education, Dr. Mintallah Haider – Assistant Member and Medical Oncologist – develops programs to support patients and colleagues in providing care to all patients with liver cancers.  The section is actively involved in educating future generations through mentorship of trainees and active participation in fellowship programs offered through Moffitt and the University of South Florida.

As a fully integrated multidisciplinary team within Moffitt Cancer Center– the only NCI designated comprehensive cancer center in Florida – the section goals are aligned with the institution’s mission to prevent and cure cancer.

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