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Dr. Robert Wilkins joined Lifestance Health in May of 2020 at a time when the demands on the mental  healthcare system were surging. Through telemedicine, Dr. Wilkins has been able to reach patients throughout the state of Florida on this platform. This mode of health care delivery has proven to be invaluable, allowing patients to be seen conveniently and with less anxiety. It enables the provider to meet patients where they are, and without, in his experience, losing any effectiveness in sensitive empathic doctor/patient communication.

He graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Wilkins later completed his residency at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  He became Associate Professor of Psychiatry while taking a position at the Denver VA Medical Center. He was Medical Director of the Denver Specialized Inpatient PTSD Unit. Dr. Wilkins relocated to Florida in 2005 to be closer to his son, where he accepted a position in the Bay Pines VA Medical System. After 29 years of serving United States veterans, Dr. Wilkins took a position in private practice,  delivering his expertise through telemedicine to the greater community.

He has special expertise in treating victims of trauma-those who have incurred injury to the self in their development or through trauma in later life.  He also excels in treating mood and anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, ADHD and substance abuse. Patients find him to be warm, empathic, an attentive listener and to be easily approachable. He emphasizes treating the whole person, while paying particular attention to the importance of the therapeutic relationship in the healing process. He is masterful in the use of psychotropic medications, relying on evidenced-based medicine and the latest developments in psychopharmacology. Dr. Wilkins and his wife reside in historic Hyde Park, and he is pleased to welcome new patients through the Lifestance website.