O’Brien Hatfield, PA

Victoria E. Hatfield, Esquire, an equity partner at O’Brien Hatfield, PA, stands as a prominent figure in the field of criminal defense law. Having represented hundreds of clients, she has carved a distinguished path marked by dedication to her clients and groundbreaking legal victories.

A graduate of Bucknell University and Stetson University College of Law, Victoria’s experience as an attorney spans 13 years. Admitted to practice law in federal and state courts across the State of Florida, she diligently pursues every available avenue to defend the rights of her clients. Victoria’s dedication to those she defends is exemplified in her unwavering commitment to securing justice and advocating for the rights of all.

Her career is driven by a deep-seated passion for social and legal justice. Victoria began to develop this passion at ten years old. She worked with a non-profit organization founded by her family teaching life skills and strategies for success to at-risk youth within her community. Recognizing the practical limitations of this approach, she pursued a law degree aiming to have a more personal and direct impact fighting injustice.

Focusing on criminal defense, Victoria’s practice spans throughout the State of Florida. Her track record speaks loudly in a legal field predominantly occupied by men. Victories include successful pretrial motions, trial acquittals, and appellate victories, including a landmark ruling in her client’s favor in the Florida Supreme Court.

Beyond the courtroom, Victoria’s most cherished role is being a wife and devoted mother of two children. She finds joy and fulfillment in her family and fosters in her children the grit and tenacity to recognize and combat injustice wherever it may lie.  

For Victoria E. Hatfield, being a criminal defense attorney is not merely a profession but a calling to advocacy within her community, which has driven her throughout her career.

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