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Professional Profile:

Emergency Medicine Physician

In a year like no other, while society shielded itself from the invisible enemy that is COVID-19, the doors to the ER never closed. I view my work unequivocally as a calling, and have tended to think of the ER as a sort of “Ellis Island” of medicine. Tired, poor, huddled, or breathless, we are here to help you against all odds. Serving as an ER Doctor during the pandemic pushed me to discover what I thought may be true, but had never truly been tested, which is that I would put my life at risk for even a chance to save yours. The ER family has endured unspeakable losses during this time, and I would like to honor those colleagues who made ultimate sacrifice while we all strained and struggled to hold the line together. This nomination is deserved by and dedicated to each and all of you.

My professional life has not always consisted of front line medicine, and the pandemic highlighted a fascinating and unexpected nexus between my present efforts and prior work, including a 6-year tenure at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston as a Research Associate in their Division of Viral Pathogenesis. My work was focused on vaccine development and clinical trials, and it was surreal to learn that my former efforts had incrementally contributed to the development and testing of a COVID-19 vaccine. I could only hope back then that the seeds planted at the bench might grow to support a larger public health initiative.

Pictured within this profile is a masked version of myself in the moments following receipt of my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. In this watershed moment, I was overcome with sheer joy as I became armed with this priceless tool in the fight to continue to care for others. I am a doctor in title, but as I am sure many providers do, view myself as one’s advocate and guide to a place of healing and better health. Should we encounter one another in the ER one day, I pledge to serve you with purpose, compassion, and kindness, no matter how grave the challenge or dark the hour. The ER is fast-paced and chaotic at times, but I will find a way to seize the moment and opportunity to comfort you.

It is an honor and a privilege to work as a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician in service to my local community, including multiple area hospitals throughout Pinellas County, and also as a traveling physician to support underserved community hospitals in nearby states. To be able to live and work in the Tampa Bay Area is a gift. I delight in being surrounded by such vast natural beauty, which inspires a sense of adventure and curiosity in all of my undertakings, including humanitarian volunteering, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and root, root, rooting for the home teams as a true sports fanatic here in “Champa Bay”. Let’s Go Rays, Bucs, and Bolts!