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Family Medicine

Dr. Miguel Mazariegos is a family practice physician who has dedicated his career to serving patients in the eastern Hillsborough County community for 23 years. He and his wife, Sandy, founded Family Practice Center of Brandon in 1998, but his career began much earlier. Dr. Mazariegos was born in Guatemala, Central America, and he spent his childhood with his parents and 3 brothers in a town called Quetzaltenango where he learned English at school. Dr. Mazariegos would eventually graduate from the Universidad De San Carlos, the oldest medical school in Guatemala. Then, he completed an Obstetrics and Gynecology program at Hospital General San Juan de Dios. From there, he moved to Chicago where he completed a residency program in family medicine at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, earning the role of Chief of Residents in his final year. During his residency, it became meaningful for him to connect with patients of different nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, and all ages. His passion for medicine came from growing up in a country with limited health services and wanting to learn and serve the community. He found his calling to serve as a family practice physician through his upbringing and his training.

When Dr. Mazariegos sees a patient, he is treating the whole person — mind, body, and spirit. This philosophy comes from his Catholic faith and guides him every day in his practice. When a patient comes to his office, they know they are welcome. He believes that developing an ongoing rapport with patients is critical to building relationships of trust, and this shows his patients they are understood, respected, and important to him. His mission is to provide a secure environment where his patients feel respected and understood while delivering the best medical care his patients deserve.

Whether his patient is in the best of health, is clinically challenging, or is nearing the end of life, his priority remains the same: to respect, to treat, and to heal. What is important to him is that at the end of the day, he has done his best for every patient that walked through his doors. He earned the nomination as one of Tampa’s Doctors of the Year because of this steadfast dedication to his patients.

In addition to serving his patients, Dr. Mazariegos also values getting to know them as people. Because of his experience of moving to the U.S. from Guatemala, he enjoys learning, understanding, and blending with the diverse population he serves. He is delighted by the storytelling that each patient has to share about their culture. He developed as a leader in the Hispanic community because of his Guatemalan heritage and ability to connect with the diverse Hispanic backgrounds in Hillsborough County.

Outside of his career, Dr. Mazariegos is a proud father of three young professionals who are serving the Hillsborough County community through dentistry, education, and IT. One of his favorite hobbies is soccer. He has played in the Brandon Adult Soccer League for over 20 years — rain or shine you will find him on the field. Another favorite hobby of his is gardening, and his favorite way to spend time on the weekends is in the garden with his wife, Sandy. Over the years, his patients have brought him new plants to add to his colorful garden. You can even ask Dr. Mazariegos about his favorite tree he is tending to in his spare time.

Through building his family practice with Sandy, he has grown to love Hillsborough County and has truly planted his roots. He looks forward to continuing to serve residents, creating a healthier community.