21st century news flash: If you believe manicures are only for women, you are wrong. Men need to care for their nails just as much ladies do. No, we are not talking about getting an extravagant french manicure at the salon. Quite frankly, all you need is a neat, trim appearance.

Grooming extends far beyond just the face. If you didn’t know, people are always looking at your hands to see if they look presentable. Hand maintenance is such a crucial extension of body nurturing. It lets others know how much you care about your overall appearance and health. Think about it. Daily, your hands touch everything. Your nails are constantly exposed to a sea of germs on bathrooms, public transportation systems, and so forth. Therefore, hygiene is a huge reason to keep your nails polished.

Unkempt nails can cause a man to lose out on special opportunities depending on the industry he is in. Believe it or not, a man’s hands makes or break his deals. First impressions are everything. A guitarist’s fingers can affect his or her playing if their nails extend longer than Pinocchio’s nose. This is a problem because the player can’t strum or pluck the strings with ease if their fingernails aren’t filed. If a man is wearing a suit-and-tie, it is no different. Business men need to maintain a polished, clean look at all times and this doesn’t exclude trimmed nails.

“But what if I lose my dignity?” said every-man, ever. No, you will not lose your “manly” reputation by going to the nail salon, either. Today more and more men are accompanying their wives or girlfriends. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with receiving a mini hand treatment alongside of them. Don’t turn away from a gratifying and pampering service because of shame. Attending a salon will also help you increase the health of your nails and cuticles.

If you prefer to work magic on your hands by yourself, purchase a manicure kit. There are plenty of grooming sets designed just for men. Acquire one that includes a nail file, nail clipper, cuticle nipper, toenail clipper and tweezers.