The Do’s and Don’ts of Beard Styling

These days, you never know what kind of men’s facial hair trend is next. We’ve seen everything from infamous handlebar mustaches to actual braids filtering down from a far, far too overgrown beard. Don’t fall victim. Gentlemen, if you want to know how to style your facial hair, listen up, ’cause we’re about to share with you the do’s and don’ts of beard styling. We’ve even included a guide for determining the best beard style for your specific face shape. (And if your beard falls into one of the “don’t” categories, well, that’s none of our business.)

Do keep your facial hair trim and cropped. Nothing is worse than men with overbearingly long and messy beards. Who wants to go in for a kiss but get a mouth full of facial hair instead? So unless you want your date to run in the opposite direction, we suggest running over to your local barber shop and getting a trim, pronto.

Do keep it simple. Women aren’t attracted to crazy styles like the ones mentioned above, so lets keep the muttonchops to a bare minimum. When choosing your style, make sure to keep your face shape in mind. Different styles will look different depending on the person. Someone with a square face rocks styles differently than someone with a round face and vice versa. Take a look at our Face Shape Guide to determine what style will work best for you!

Don’t blindly begin to shape your facial hair yourself — at least not at first. Chances are, if you’re reading this you need some serious facial hair refinement, and if you attempt an “At-Home Chin Strap” or a “Do-It-Yourself Goatee,” you’re looking at making things 10x worse for yourself. So please, do us all a favor and schedule an appointment with a professional.

Don’t accessorize your beard. Not with braids, not with beads or strings, not with crazy hair dye, and definitely not with the food you ate for lunch.Though you’ll definitely be turning heads, it won’t be for the reasons you’re hoping.

Face-Shape Guide

Square Face: Keep your hair looking fuller in the middle and shorter on the sides.

Round Face: Grow your hair a bit longer at the bottom and keep it shorter on the sides.

Rectangular Face: Keep the sides a bit longer while trimming the front shorter.

Oval Face: You got lucky — take your pick from any of the styles!