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Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

“When I was 12 years old I knew I wanted to be a dentist. I love the fact I help people with their pain and change the way they feel and look.  Every person is different and distinctive with challenges that are diverse and unique. Photographing, studying and customizing a dental profile for each patient and their dental needs is very gratifying. I’m persistently keeping up with new technologies and procedures for new ways to improve our team’s profession by taking advanced current educational classes and invite the exchange of ideas with other dentists. I am also a mentor at Kois Center which provides advanced graduate level training for practicing dentists.    My profession makes people feel and look healthier, gives them a whole new life and a great feeling of confidence in who they are. I could  not have chosen a better profession. It is so rewarding and worthwhile every single day.” – Dr. Emanuel Kontos

“Who today knows what is the correct dental procedure? We are all at the mercy of our dentist. Over the years I had my share of many hours spent in dental chairs.  Finally I found the most comfortable and reassuring dental chair to sit in. Dr.  Kontos was one of the most considerate and passionate of all the dentists that I met over a 60 plus year span. He takes his time; I never felt I was just another patient. Dr. Kontos’ honesty was so  comforting thus creating a trusting relationship that I was forever seeking and never finding from other dentists. The end result was that his artistic approach was so perfect that I looked as I did 20 years ago; I felt like a kid again, being able to eat, look and smile as I always remembered.” – Ken D.

“A friend told me about Dr. Kontos after a long time looking and talking to friends about their experiences. He was one of the best reconstruction dentists. This journey has given me my life dream and returned my self-esteem. It has been so rewarding to me, more than you can imagine. Dr. Kontos is very compassionate, he truly cares.”– Linda W.

“For many years I’ve been through too many dentists, most relationships lasted less then a year. I found Dr. Kontos through a highly respected friend, he and his team are compassionate, honest and most of all very patient, someone who I can trust. I was so moved by his professionalism  that I referred my sister-in-law, and husband who are forever thanking me.” – Loretta C.

“When I first went to Dr. Kontos my capped teeth were huge and the color was so off, I hated to smile.  In the professional world your first impression is the most important thing.  What Dr. Kontos has done for me has been a life-changing experience and now with my smile I really feel confident, happier and willing to have my picture taken.” – Julia R.

“I’ve been bounced from one dentist to another, never really feeling good about most of them. Most dentists made me feel like a number, some even called me the wrong name as they jumped from one patient to another.  But Dr. Kontos, was so different, he made me comfortable, he explained the treatment, and took his time. Dr. Kontos really loves what he does and it shows”– Dennis G.