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Your Private Physician

Dorota Matusewicz, MD, known to her patients as Dr. M., is Board-Certified in Internal and Functional Medicine. In 2002, she pioneered Tampa Bay’s first concierge medical practice, Your Private Physician.

Dr. M obtained her MD from the University of Chicago, completed her internship at the Yale New Haven Medical Center, and concluded her residency among the country’s Top 4 hospitals:  New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Hospital for Special Surgery.

Dr. Matusewicz has expanded her medical knowledge beyond standard medical approaches. Early in her career, Dr. M’s son Alexander developed debilitating and recurrent oral ulcers. After multiple treatment failures, she took the treatment into her own hands with a Functional Medicine approach, focusing on treating the root cause of the disease. By correcting her son’s underlying nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, subsequently strengthening his immune system, Alexander’s ulcers resolved permanently, to both her colleagues’ and personal amazement. This was a turning point in her treatment approach with her patients.

Dr. Matusewicz broadened her training at the Institute for Functional Medicine. Now, her assessment is systems biology-based, focusing on the root cause of medical conditions, rather than symptom treatment. Her holistic approach identifies the patient’s unique biochemistry, genetics, hormonal status, nutrition, food sensitivities, along with related environmental factors and inflammation. This practical approach to medicine gives her the deeper understanding of why patients develop their ailments. By understanding their “uniqueness” and preferences, Dr. M can create customized medical plans to patients’ individual needs.

By focusing on what makes a patient unique, Dr.M finds the “Why.” She then focuses on improving overall wellbeing and the prevention of ailments.

Dr.M firmly believes managing the full combination of factors, addressing gastrointestinal health, nutrition, hormones, sleep, physical fitness, stress, and anxiety, is crucial to achieving optimal health.

Dr. Matusewicz emphasizes that this Functional Medicine approach is NOT an alternative medicine, but the new era of medical care, focusing on creating health. Since the inception Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, Dr. M has followed world leaders in the field, like Dr. Hyman, Dr. Ornish, and Dr. Gundry, continuously learning from evidence based medical research. 

Dr. M. welcomes patients seeking the highest caliber of truly customized personal medical care. To her patients, she is available 24/7.

Dr. Matusewicz offers patients “peace of mind” in their health journeys.  Her message is clear: “Dare to truly look at your health from the inside out, and to make a real change. Do not settle for another diagnosis and prescription. Understand “Why?”  After all, your health is your wellbeing; nothing is more important.”