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Dr. Ashley graduated manga cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida and holds training beyond her graduate degree. Her life was leading her toward that of becoming an occupational therapist until she became a patient at a life-transforming chiropractic office. At that office she saw patients heal from diseases they were told they would have for the rest of their lives, witnessed patients throwing away their medications they were told they would have to take for the rest of their lives, and watched patients go from a state of chronic pain to a life devoid of pain and full of joy.

Her passion for the profession drives her to continuously attend seminars to learn the newest advances in chiropractic in order to best serve the community using techniques backed by scientific research. She specializes in structural correction using a combination of techniques dependent upon patient needs. She is dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain optimum health by taking a whole health approach addressing nervous system health, nutrition, mindset, exercise, and toxic exposure.

Her mission is to help stop the unnecessary sickness and suffering that people deal with on a daily basis and get to the CAUSE of their health issues. She is dedicated to helping her community understand what health actually is so that this current “sick care” system can be turned into an actual “health care” system in which people are proactive rather than reactive with their health. The nervous system controls the function of EVERY organ, tissue, and cell in your body and the chiropractic adjustment aims to remove interference by fixing misalignments in the spine. She loves teaching her community about health and how the body functions through free community health talks.