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Dr. Stan Pierce Jr. is breaking the mold in every way as he leads the chiropractic profession through a technology innovation that has created such national attention that even a Shark from Shark Tank has taken notice.

Born in St. Petersburg, Dr. Pierce is a Tampa Bay native and has a chiropractic family history dating back to the beginning of the profession. Drawing on his inherited passion for advancement, Dr. Pierce has been a constant innovator and has worked to create a completely new and higher standard in corrective spinal care that is progressive and disruptive to his industry. Through the use of a sound wave impulse generated from his patented Integrity Genesis adjusting instrument, Dr. Pierce can gently and accurately align the spine through state-of-the-art technology.

No twisting, no popping, no guessing, and no experimenting. Just provable, corrective results at the speed of sound!

Dr. Pierce is the founder and lead instructor of the most progressive technique in chiropractic called EPIC, which stands for Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections. Dr. Pierce is extremely confident that this technology is the future of chiropractic, and he teaches these advanced procedures to the next generation of doctors as a professor at chiropractic colleges in California and South Carolina.

During his 20 years of private practice, he has treated thousands of patients from over 38 countries and has also worked with this advanced technology in Dubai Healthcare City. His patients have ranged from celebrities, to politicians, to professional athletes, to fellow doctors, to the average hard-working American. Hometown Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan favorite Mike Alstott, is one of Dr. Pierce’s many satisfied patients that can be seen getting checked at EPIC Clinics in Clearwater.

Although conditions such as migraines, dizziness, neck and back pain, scoliosis, sciatica and much more have responded very favorably to EPIC Clinics’ technology, it is results with conditions

such as Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, and the concussion syndrome of the NFL (CTE) that are attracting major attention. Yet in the thousands of patients with life-changing results from EPIC care, it was a nine-year-old girl that caused EPIC to shift into a global movement.

A young girl named Victoria had walked pigeon-toed her entire life, being told the only way to straighten her legs required breaking her femurs, inserting rods, and being confined to a lower body cast for a year. However, within a week of her first visit to EPIC Clinics, she was walking normally! News of this miracle reached one of the Sharks from Shark Tank, entrepreneur Kevin Harrington. Kevin

went to Dr. Pierce and reported a 70% improvement in his tinnitus after his initial spinal treatment.

After investigating Dr. Pierce’s team and the EPIC technology, Kevin’s franchise team approached the EPIC leadership and partnered with them to launch a national franchise called EPIC Clinics. Members of Kevin’s franchise team were integral in the launching of successful franchises such as Massage Envy, Cold Stone Creamery, Fantastic Sams and others, and they are touting that EPIC Clinics franchise will surpass them quickly with early signs showing that they may be right. Although this franchise will officially launch in May 2020, interest is so high that 1/4th of U.S. EPIC Clinic master franchises have already been reserved in pre-launch.

Having created the most duplicatable, measurable, scientific, safe and effective form of treatment in chiropractic, Dr. Pierce states “Patients deserve the very best that technology and science have to offer. People do not realize how much better life can be when we discover and correct the actual cause of dysfunction in their body.”

Dr. Pierce and his team of doctors can be found at EPIC Clinics in downtown Clearwater, the international research and training headquarters for the EPIC technique. To find out if you are a candidate to be corrected with this advanced technology, call EPIC Clinics at 727-223-9970 or send an email to

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