Bridezilla: a bride who obsesses over every wedding detail to the utmost precision. This word typically carries a negative connotation (I mean, half the word is derived from the monster Godzilla). But your wedding is the one day in your entire life that no one can judge you for wanting everything to be perfect. From the wedding decor to the wedding cake, every detail matters. The same goes for your wedding day makeup look.

Avoid wedding day disaster by practicing your makeup look before the wedding, even if a professional is doing your makeup. Run-throughs of how your makeup is going to turn out will alleviate the stress of the unknown and will allow you to pick out things you’d rather do differently.

Consider weather conditions as well. If it’s going to be a hot, humid day and your wedding is outside, use as many oil-free products as you can. You also might want to keep oil blotting sheets on hand; there’s a difference between a dewy bride and a downright oily bride.

Always remember that “blushing brides” don’t just come naturally. Play up your girlish, natural flush by applying a cream blush base to the apples of your cheeks, and a shimmery, baby pink blush on top to ensure it lasts all night long.

When it comes to eye makeup, you want to keep things simple, yet eye catching. Mixing in subtle hues of purple or pink into the eye-look will keep things light and fresh. Always remember to focus the darker shadows on the outside of the eye in order to keep your eyes looking big and bright. And don’t forget to line your eyesyou want them to pop. If you want a bolder eye, use black liquid liner. If you want a subtler eye, use a brown eyeshadow or brown pencil liner. False lashes are a must on any special occasion, so make sure you know what length and volume flatters you most. (Pro tip: weddings evoke many emotions, especially in brides. Make sure your eye makeup is 100% water proof by applying Benefit’s She Laq all over your lid. The last thing any bride needs is to be resembling a raccoon, even if it is for the best of reasons).

When it comes to lips, every bride will have a different preference. That being said, brides should exfoliate and hydrate their lips prior to any lip application. Next, brides need to line their lips before applying their lip of choice; it’s key to the color lasting all day. Only when that is done should a bride apply her lip of choice…and choices there are. Deciding between glossy, matte, or cream is tough; deciding the color is even tougher good luck, brides!