Radical Celebrity Stars Spark Anti-Makeup Movement

The fame life — luxurious cars, red carpet events, and riches. Although fame promises celebrities the glory, it seems to leave out the pressure that comes with it: lack of privacy, paparazzi, and the burden to look 100% flawless. In Hollywood, female celebrities constantly undergo pressure to appear pimple-free, so much that in the past year, a no-makeup movement has immersed. Prominent stars such as Alessia Cara and Alicia Keys have lashed out against Hollywood beauty standards, provoking a natural, bare-faced trend. Which celebrity star will be next in joining?

Alessia Cara

The anti-makeup movement is nothing without Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara. The 21-year-old soulful voice, who never wears makeup, gave a striking performance last year in the 2017 VMAs, leaving the crowd speechless. As Cara performed “Scars To Your Beautiful,” the singer’s fiery red lips matched her floor-length gown. Her hair, perfectly styled in a straight, short bob, represented the clean and sleek look she was expected to have in front of the spotlight. That is, until moments passed within her performance and the wig was ripped from her head, revealing Cara’s natural curls. Seconds later, the singer wiped off her red lips and makeup, leaving her with a natural look.

The act represented Cara’s song message: you don’t have to change anything because you’re beautiful just the way you are. Cara, who believes in living an authentic lifestyle, empowers her teenage fans to stay true to themselves by remaining makeup-free.

Alicia Keys

The latest celebrity to go without makeup is Keys. Tired of covering up, the R&B singer-songwriter cut off the makeup last year after she realized her life became consumed with what other people thought of her. Keys explained she was tired of feeling enslaved to public opinions. “I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, and not my emotional growth.” the singer said in a statement. The star is now team #nomakeup. Keys has inspired a lineup of women to feel free and natural.