From the return of chokers, Doc Martens, and the denim jacket, my selfies in my twenties are quickly starting to resemble my Kodak camera mirror pictures from middle school. Fashion isn’t the only trend that’s making a comeback from the 90s. Beauty trends, especially in terms of makeup styles are also beginning to resemble techniques we have seen before in the past. The most notable of these styles that we are seeing for this fall is the return of the heavy goth style eyeliner. These techniques are bound to make a statement as well as catch a few eyes, no pun intended.

Graphic Black Eyes
This look was a huge hit at NYFW, especially with Oscar de la Renta. When perfected this look showcases a thick wing that begins about mid eye with an arch above the lid and connecting to the peak. The Graphic Black Eye is the perfect accent for a fall look and pairs well with light face makeup making your eyes the center focus.

Fierce Geometrics
This is a bold version of the basic cat eye look. Great for a night out on the town, this look is done by simply adding sweeping lines and straight angles in a variety of directions around the cat eye. This look is nothing short of dramatic and should be adored as such. Complete the look by pairing it with a deep lip color such as Christian Louboutin Eton Moi Velvet Matte.

Chunky Underline
Avril Lavigne is probably sitting in her 5 million dollar Los Angeles home singing “Hey, Hey, You, You, I Love Your Eyeliner” because her signature chunky underline look is once again becoming a hit in the makeup world. The best part about this trend? It is simple to do yourself! Simply apply a little more eyeliner than you normally would and then use a brush to smudge the look out giving yourself an edgy look that works great for day or night.

Statement Liners
Probably the most bold of these fall eye trends is the statement liner. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Giamba, and Kenzo all chose this look at NYFW and dominated the runway with it. This look is a really creative one and can be achieved in a variety of ways but is most commonly seen as the addition of more outlines around the eyes and the illusion of multiple eyebrows. While this look is great for high fashion like NYFW, it can also be a fun look to try on your friends at your next girls night in.