5 no-heat styles for unruly hair

​We’ve all been there
– in a hurry to get ready in the morning and your outrageous bedhead just isn’t cooperating. It’s tempting to whip out the flat iron and crank it up to high heat, but doing this often will only weaken the quality of your hair. Whether it be frizz, out of control curls, hair that’s too thick, or even too thin, we’ve got the no-heat styles that are going to change your hair routine for the better. 

1. Double French Braids
The two french braid look is not only trendy, but it encompasses all parts of your hair, leaving no room for ‘hairrors’. Begin by fully brushing hair so there are no tangles. Next, part your hair in the middle and separate into two sections. Braid hair, starting close to the root, all the way down one side of your head and repeat on the other side. Finish with a light hairspray to control any flyaways. This look takes only minutes to accomplish and leaves hair looking sleek and trendy without the heat.

2. Sleek Pony
A slicked back ponytail is one of the most underrated styles in the game. The movie Mean Girls says that you should only wear a ponytail once a week, but we would argue that you can rock this look all the time! Ariana Grande is infamous for her iconic high ponytail that she wears for almost any occasion. Other red carpet celebrities have been seen sporting this look to formal events because it’s so easy to make it suitable for any type of event. Begin by brushing through hair to eliminate tangles. Next, apply a generous amount of hair mousse to the root area of your hair and brush it through. Using a hair elastic, tie hair in a tight ponytail, leaving out a small section. Wrap the left-out section of hair around the exposed hair tie to cover it and secure with a bobby pin. Finally, use a light hairspray to tame flyaways and keep the look in place all day. 

3. Top Knot Bun
No matter what problems your mane faces, you can always rely on a trustee top knot bun to save you in a hair emergency. After brushing through tangles, put your hair in a high ponytail, secured with a hair elastic. Next, begin wrapping hair in a twisting motion around the base of the ponytail. Once the bun is formed, wrap another hair elastic around it. Pull out small pieces from both sides of the front of your head to give it a more tousled look. If thin hair is your issue, use a bun donut at the base of your ponytail to give the illusion of thickness. 

4. Down and Natural
If you’re someone with unruly hair, you know that product is your best friend when wearing your hair down. Never skip the leave-in conditioner after a shower. To construct waves and curls, use a curl constructing mousse on damp hair and scrunch it a few times and then don’t touch it anymore. The more you touch your hair, the more that frizz and oil from your hands will destroy your look. Finish with a light hairspray or argan oil for dry or damaged hair. Hair should dry looking fresh and controlled. 

5. Double French Twists
This look is a ‘twist’ on the classic french braid, but instead of braiding with three strands of hair you only need to use two. Begin by brushing out your hair and parting it in the middle. Grab a generously sized piece of hair located in the front of your head and split it in two. Next, twist the two pieces once and add more hair the bottom strand. Continue this pattern until you’ve reached the bottom of your head and repeat on the other side of your head. Secure the ends with a hair elastic and put hair in a low ponytail, bun, or even leave it down. Finish the look with a light hairspray to prevent flyaways. 

No matter your hair type, these no-heat styles will keep you looking fresh all year long without the burden of heat damage.