We all love spending summer days soaking up all the sun we can. Just like us, there are dangers to dogs being outdoors in the heat, and leaving your best furry friend indoors just isn’t an option on a beautiful day. Here are some ways to keep your pup safe and ready to tackle the sunshine. 

Safety Tips

Make sure to never leave your pup in an unattended vehicle. The temperature in your parked car can climb to over 40 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Even with the windows rolled down your dog can still overheat. The risks associated with leaving your dog in a parked car aren’t worth it. Unless stores are pet friendly, it’s best to leave your dog at home while running errands. They’ll be happily waiting for you back at home basking in the cool AC. 

Paw patrol! Whether your pup’s adorable paws are pink, spotted, or black, they need to be protected from hot surfaces. If you can’t walk barefoot without saying, “Ow,” neither can your little one. Avoid asphalt and bare surfaces as much as possible. Try to choose a shady or grassy path so you can both stay safe and cool in the sun rays. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Since dogs sweat minimally, their way of cooling down is panting. If you see a panting tongue, be sure to help out! Packing a portable bowl and water bottle is the key to keeping your little player safe. The sun can wear you and your pup both down, so make sure you both re-energize with water breaks.