Which Breed Best Fits My Lifestyle?

Maybe you’re planning on buying your favorite lady a pooch to pamper for the holidays or starting his new year off right with a new best friend. There are many factors to consider when investing in a dog, but one of the most important, and often overlooked factors is considering what four-legged friend best suits your lifestyle.

Penthouse Pups

You might think size matters most when living in a luxury apartment, penthouse or condominium with little to no access to a large yard. While letting your dog stretch its legs is important, this obstacle is easily overcome with a regular trip to a dog park near you. In fact, the best breeds for off-the-ground living are often mid-size to larger breeds, as many small breeds are too high-energy and yappy to adapt to the quiet lifestyle that is necessary when sharing walls. Here’s our edit for quiet, low energy, polite pups worth investing in:


Although a native hunter in the Congo, the Basenji has adapted well to urban life. Clever and endearing, this pup is safe to bring around other breeds and perfect for your penthouse needs.

boston-terrierBoston Terrier

Gentle and affectionate, this apartment friendly breed has earned the nickname “American Gentleman” making him the perfect substitute when your human man is away on business.

sharpeiChinese Shar-Pei

This wrinkly, cute pooch’s devotion to his human family makes him hard to resist while his trainability and urge to please makes him well suited to the jetset lifestyle.


This large breed is as obedient as she is agile and as mild mannered as she is fast. She adapts quickly and quietly, making her the perfect addition to any rooftop home.

manchester-terrierManchester Terrier

He may have a strong bark and a brave heart, but this terrier is easy to train, easy to command and easy to live with at the top of a high-rise. He enjoys a good chase almost as much as he enjoys making new friends, so be sure to take him to a neighborhood dog park as often as you can.

Freerange Friends

Sheep and cattle dogs are best suited for home living where they can spend much of their lives enjoying the outdoors and bellowing to their hearts’ content. Most small terriers and spaniels will also live happier lives in a house and not in a high-rise as they tend to be high energy and more difficult to control. Dogs that feel stressed, anxious or threatened when meeting new people or encountering other dogs do very well in an house environment. Here, most of their encounters will be planned and controlled by you and you’ll have time to train and prepare them for situations that might scare or confuse them. Check out our top picks for dogs best ready to welcome you when you come home:

australian-shepherdAustralian Shepherd

Bred to be a worker, this “Aussie” is happiest when he has a job to do. With equally high intelligence and energy, this pup finds his place in a large family with a large yard.

cane-corsoCane Corso

Seasoned owners will fair well when welcoming this brute into their home. He’s one part guard dog and one part hunter, originally bred to hunt big game like wild boar. If you’re a first time dog owner, you may want to try your hand at one of our other picks as he is rambunctious and difficult to control.

shetland-sheepdogShetland Sheepdog

Because her first job was to herd sheep and protect farm lands, this dog is hyper-sensative to anything out of the ordinary. Apartment life would drive her crazy so be sure to allow her plenty of yard and sky to bark her little heart out in.


Because of her intelligence and speed, Saluki is best suited for homelife with regular on leash walks and needs ample, fenced in running space. Although quiet, this pooch is tough to train and not to be trusted off leash.


This pup’s best qualities make him great for home living. He’s fearlessly devoted to his human, with his sole purpose being to protect his home at all cost. He’s also incredibly intelligent and curious, so he’s best suited for large fenced in areas and regular leashed explorations.

While having a “popular” or “in style” breed is appealing, think first of your future furry family member’s happiness and well-being. Opt for a lifestyle friendly pup over what’s trending.