Many dog owners would say that they would do anything for their best pal, maybe even spoil them with some luxury pieces, right? Here are the top luxury brands your dog can style while on your daily walks around the park.


Max-Bone has become one of celebrities favorites! Many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selma Blair have claimed it as one of their favorite luxury dog brands for their furry friend. Designer Parisa Fowles-Pazdro created the brand based on her inspirations by both the fashion industry and the interior design industry. From a variety of jumpers, hoodies, high-end looking collars, Parisa designs timeless classics and sophisticated pieces with luxury fabrics that’ll have every dog wanting.


Let’s be honest, who’s a fan of anything cute and whimsical? I sure am! Meryem Birsoz is the founder and creative director of Moshiqa, the dog brand that features fun and colorful clothes for your pet. The luxury brand features pieces such as butterfly and bow harnesses, robes, dog ties and more. This has been one of the go-to brands for A-list celebrities including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio and many more.  The brand was first started when one winter day her dog Moshi was shivering which gave her the idea of creating a winter coat for her dog. After seeing how warm and adorable her dog looked, Meryem then decided to expand and create a brand specifically for pets.

WARE of the DOG

If you’re looking for that Big Apple, fashion week look then this brand is it. The collection was created by Jackie Rosenthal, who was inspired by the infamous bright orange signs that often are seen on fences labeling, BEWARE OF THE DOG. This brand has set themselves apart with great design and craft, partnering up with many different artists to create unique accessories. WARE of the DOG offers a variety of high-end pieces for your cute pup including our favorite a neon raincoat. The brand also provides a well-detailed sizing system that will make it easy for you to find your pup’s perfect size.