Shazia Nagamia Sparkman

Shazia Sparkman is the founder and managing attorney of Sparkman Law, P.A., located in the heart of South Tampa, minutes from downtown Tampa, a boutique law firm focused exclusively on marital and family law.  Shazia Sparkman advocates fiercely and passionately for her clients in all types of complex family law matters.  Armed with a razor-sharp grasp of the law and having attained a mastery of the courtroom, Ms. Sparkman brings her smart sophistication in analyzing every case for each client offering a highly customized and personalized approach.  Shazia Sparkman is invested in her clients and offers a unique blend of both professional experience and knowledge together with a grounded, down to earth, practical counsel to each client, “I am a mother of three children and understand first-hand the delicate balance of raising children-who come first for me and juggling a demanding profession and the nuances of general day to day life.  So when a client comes to my firm and is not only balancing those things but also experiencing a divorce or having conflicts in time sharing arrangements for example, I understand the necessity and urgency to provide not only legal advice but sound and prudent counsel…” Sparkman and her team are passionate about children’s well-being in high conflict divorces and separations and work zealously to provide positive, unique resolution to family crises that keep children’s best interests at heart, while improving and enriching the families’ lives. Ms. Sparkman is one of the area’s top parental alienation litigators and is skilled at restoring the constitutional rights of parent-child relationships.  Shazia Sparkman’s commitment to children’s issues and causes is exemplified through the number of charities and organizations that her firm has formed community partnerships with and supported through the years such as the Heart Gallery of Tampa, Children’s Cancer Center and Salvation Army,  just to name a few.  “Children are the future and our investment in them and for them- is what can bring about massive changes within our communities. The great privilege our profession as lawyers bestows upon us, enabling us to solve the problems of others, equally puts on us an obligation to put the best interests of children at the forefront of any family law proceeding…”-Shazia Sparkman 

313 South Bungalow Park Ave.,
Tampa, FL 33609 
P: 813-374-2000