We see everywhere how to get healthy, thick, long hair. But what about our scalp? That’s the start of it all isn’t it? Our scalp is something we often forget about. And hair care is important, but having a healthy scalp is equally important, and some may even say…more important. Having a healthy scalp just doesn’t mean that you wont get dandruff, there more to it. The cause of having a dry scalp, or an “unhealthy” scalp can be for many reasons too long to list, but we have some tips help ensure your scalps health.

• Exfoliate your scalp on the regular

• Preserve moisture

• Massage

• Limit chemical treatments

• Shampoo regularly

• Protect scalp from the sun

• Eat right

Following these tips will ensure you scalps health. And as a bonus, your hair will be equally healthy since the foundation is also.