Ryan Reese

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Moore Bowman & Reese, P.A.

Mr. Reese’s practice focuses exclusively on protecting the rights of private property owners throughout Florida. 

The bulk of his practice is devoted to defending land and business-owners in eminent domain (condemnation) actions, to ensure the compensation paid by the government authority for the taking of private property is fair, just, and in accord with constitutional standards. As an eminent domain practitioner, Mr. Reese is versed in an array of disciplines such as land planning, property appraising, surveying, and transportation engineering and construction.

Mr. Reese also advises clients seeking development approvals of their statutory and constitutional property rights. He often works closely with local land-use attorneys to ensure development applications are reviewed under appropriate legal standards — specifically in cases where onerous dedications and exactions are demanded of the applicant/developer as a condition of land-use approval. 

Mr. Reese is frequently engaged to litigate land-use and zoning disputes after a development proposal has been denied at the city, county, or agency level. He routinely prosecutes “inverse” condemnation, “Bert Harris,” and due process claims for owners adversely impacted by state and local land-use determinations. A versed constitutional scholar, Mr. Reese knows the ins-and-outs of the federal and state law pertaining to “takings,” due process, and equal protection.

Mr. Reese also handles boundary and title disputes, permitting and code enforcement matters, landlord-tenant issues, and condominium termination claims. 

Mr. Reese’s practice has afforded him the unique experience of handling cases in a variety of postures and forums. He has represented clients before local government boards and the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings, litigated complex claims in both state and federal court, and handled state and federal appeals. He is licensed to practice in all Florida state courts, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. 

Mr. Reese is the active Chair of the Hillsborough County Bar Association’s ‘Eminent Domain Section’ and previously served as its liaison to the Hillsborough County Bar Association’s ‘Pro Bono Committee.’ He has written and lectured for both the State and County Bar Associations.

In his free time, Mr. Reese enjoys golf, travelling, skiing and scuba diving. He is married to Rachael Reese, a well-known Tampa criminal defense attorney. His career goal is to argue a property rights case before the United States Supreme Court.