Kobal Law

It was another exciting year for Tampa injury attorney, Jason Kobal, owner of Kobal Law. He is now entering his 23rd year of practice where he has represented thousands of clients from the Tampa Bay area. 

Attorney Kobal has recently been involved in a number of nationally recognized defamation cases as local counsel in both state and federal courts. He has filed suits against major media outlets including but not limited to CNN and the Washington Post on behalf of highly recognizable clients such as President Trump’s company Truth Social, former Congressman Devin Nunes as well as relatives of former National Security advisor Michael Flynn. 

On a more local level the firm utilized its unique client-friendly system Attorney Kobal has developed for personal injury cases. The system has produced impressive results this past year. For example, he just obtained a million dollar settlement in a case where the client’s prior attorney suggested the case settle for only $75,000 just 11 months earlier. Attorney Kobal takes pride in putting forth the maximum effort required to obtain optimal results for his clients. 

Attorney Kobal also obtained multiple victories in workers’ compensation cases this past year. In total, those victories recouped over $100,000 in lost wages for clients that workers’ compensation carriers were refusing to pay.

Attorney Kobal continues to pioneer the new path he helped forge allowing claimants to pursue legal action in civil court against medical providers and collection agencies that wrongfully bill injured workers. He filed the initial complaint in the Patty Davis matter recently decided by the Florida Supreme Court which constitutes the highest level precedence in the country on that specific cause of action.

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