How to know you have halitosis, and how to stop it!



If your friend constantly gives you the famous “your breath stank look” or randomly offers you a piece of gum, then I’m sorry to tell you, my friend, but you might have a serious case of bad breath.

Halitosis is something you probably don’t hear that often, and to be quite honest, when I first heard of it, I was like, what? Halito-what? So don’t worry if you have never heard of it. Now, what exactly is halitosis?  Halitosis, well-known as “bad breath” or “stank breath”, is a symptom that causes your breath to have an unpleasant scent, a scent that you just can’t simply fix with mouthwash or a mint. Many people think that having a bad breath is just the result of not having properly brushing your teeth, however, there are many other symptoms that can cause you to have bad breath. Having halitosis can be treated and fixed depending on how serious your situation is.

Now how’s your diet? When thinking about bad breath, you wouldn’t generally associate it to your overall diet, right? What you eat is one of the many reasons your mouth may smell like literal hell. It can create many different problems with your oral hygiene and with your body itself. Eating foods such as cheese, meat and foods that are unhealthy can be one one of those reasons. Some ways you can fix it is by eating fruits and vegetables. This will slowly stop that pungent smell from occurring and will eventually make it easier for you to always have clean-smelling breath.

Another cause is water. We wouldn’t think water to be one of the cause but, it is. Having a dry mouth can cause your breath to smell unpleasant. Simply drinking water throughout the day can save you from an embarrassing interaction with your friends and will slowly but surely get your breath smelling clean. One of the other main causes is not going to your dentist as often. Having two cleanings per year can go a long way. Flossing just sometimes is not enough and can’t get rid of the bacterias that lay deep between your gums. By going to your dentist, they will remove those bacterias that are causing your breath to stink and will make your oral hygiene process easier. The dentist will also check on any other things that may be causing the horrible smell.

Fixing a few of these issues will deteriorate the bad smell from coming back into your life and will definitely stop people making the notorious “stank face” at you.