Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard is a 10 foot wide, 4.5 mile long waterfront road in south Tampa, a staple to many runners, bikers, dog walkers, or anyone interested in recreation or exercise activities.  The beautiful sights and positive atmosphere makes Bayshore Boulevard the perfect place for your future physical and mental workout scene.  So, take a run on the world’s longest sidewalk and broaden your mind and body.

Bayshore Boulevard is home to many fitness events, such as 5k runs and the famous Gasparilla Pirate Festival.  Bayshore Boulevard provides benches, water fountains, and bike racks, city marina, fitness stations, as well as a window of opportunity to stay active and get moving in a new environment that can benefit all aspects of your health.  The fitness trail that strays off the main path is fully equipped with structures to do exercises such as pull ups and other techniques.  Bayshore Boulevard offers scenic views of urban Tampa.  A vivid, grand, panoramic view of the city’s skyline is in sight as you move along the path, with the warm sunshine gleaming down on a crystal clear day.  The glistening blue water follows next to you on your workout, presenting your day with sightings of manatees in the shallow waters and the dolphins feeding upon the schooling fish.  Prestigious real estate and Hyde Park lines the trail, endowing a luxurious scene to your workout.  Downtown Hyde Park is full unique homes, upscale boutiques, and eccentric restaurants and cafes.  

Running along the Bay can distract you from all of life’s stressors and help you see the peace and still of life.  The other runners and people enjoying the outdoors and benefits of Bayshore Boulevard may instill a sense of positivity and inspiration towards a new outlook on your daily workout routine.  Outdoor environments amplify psychological effects of exercise.  Studies have shown that running outdoors in a scenic and natural environments was associated with greater feelings of revitalization, positive engagement, and increased energy as well as a decrease in tension, stress, depression, anxiety, and anger.  

The city landscape offers a wide variety of breathtaking views.  Get in touch with your inner zen and run across Bayshore Boulevard at sunset.  Your run will eventually lead you to a serene dock, take a break and sit and watch the water.  Whether you are interested in a leisurely stroll to admire the peace and home architecture, or you want a powerful jog, Bayshore Boulevard can offer you a peaceful experience to cultivate your mind, body, and soul.

As always, consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen.