Finding the spring air a little harder to breathe in these days? Instead of checking into your nearest physician’s office for a script from the doctor try an alternative this April.

Halotherapy is an all natural holistic approach that has been displaying its health benefits since the mid-19th century. With its ability to alleviate respiratory, skin and immune system conditions at a relatively low cost, this authentic relaxing treatment has found popularity with celebrities and the general public alike. Following extensive research and evaluation in Europe, “the Russian Ministry of Public Health sanctioned Halotherapy / Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy as valid medical treatment” in 1990 and shortly after the innovative therapy spread. “In early 2000, Halotherapy was introduced into the Health Spa sector and spread rapidly in Europe and North America.”

New salt spas across the world have recreated the benefit of natural salt caves by lining the interior treatment rooms with pink or white Himalayan salt deposits and blowing an airstream of fine sodium chloride particles into the space using a halogenerator. The natural disinfectant of salt draws out and combats bacteria in the body by expelling the contributors of illness at a controlled rate. With the comfort of the spa rooms kept between 68-73 degrees Fahrenheit and the use of light and sound additions, patients are able to escape to solace in 15-50 minute sessions. While breathing in the powerful substance most patrons read, catch up on a much needed nap or enjoy a massage, available in some facilities, during their salt sessions.  

Halotherapy is not only found on land but now at sea as it has become a standard for European luxury cruise line companies such as MSC Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line. Passengers can enjoy spa salt therapy whilst aboard their ships and traveling abroad. What better way to combat potential travel ailments?

The beauty of this treatment welcomes all ages who wish to indulge in this alternative, complementary, and natural medical practice. From small children to the elderly, clients  can find a wide range of help. Some seek routine detox and immune boost effects, or treatment for allergies, sinusitis and skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. While this is not a cure, or to treat medical conditions, halotherapy is used as an additive treatment to assist in controlling patients’ varying symptoms.   

The Salt Scene Orlando, under the supervision of Dr. Rupal Thakkar, chooses to use rare white Himalayan salt found deep in the mines of Asia along with pharmaceutical/medical grade sodium chloride, to treat a wide range of patients. Similar to spa choices locally, different room experiences can be chosen from when selecting the desired treatment experience.

Halotherapy is cautioned to be avoided by doctors during the acute or contagious phase of any illness, including severe colds and flus, infections, cardiac deficiency, high blood pressure, substance intoxication or uncontrolled hypertension.

Maybe this naturally trending experience is the solution you need in your life this spring and summer. As always consult a doctor before taking a dip in this salt pool.