As summertime rolls around, your home may be in need of a small makeover. Maybe you have dark furniture and need a way to brighten up the room, or maybe you need to find ways to utilize more natural light. Here are some easy tricks to brighten your home for spring.

The beginning of summer comes with the reputation of lots of rain, flowers blooming and, well, cleaning. Start of your home’s transformation with a deep cleaning and a fresh start to the season. That alone will make your home feel revitalized and new.

Although Florida does not require heavy bedding in the winter and spring, try trading out your traditional bedding for a thinner quilt blanket in your bedroom. A light color would make your room feel brighter since it takes up such a large space.

The easiest change you can make for a summer feeling is to gather a bunch of citrus-scented candles and air fresheners and place them throughout your home. The sweet scents are reminiscent of beautiful weather and are likely to make you crave something fruity.

For your kitchen, a simple way to prepare for summer is to focus on the kitchen table. Add a floral table cloth to draw the eye. If your chairs have changeable cushions, replace those with a more festive color or design, as well. New seat cushions are also a great option for redecorating your patio furniture.

Placing plants around your home will help it feel more tropical, and the flowers will grab your guests’ attention and also smell amazing. Plants are a great way to prepare your home for summer.

Let’s not forget about a subtle adjustment that will make a bigger difference than you might   think. Opening the blinds in every room during the daytime will allow for sunlight to naturally illuminate your home, making your space seem bigger and brighter. This is such a small thing to do but can have a really large overall effect on the rooms in your home.

Making these small, easy changes to your home will ensure it feels ready for the summer season. Your home will be clean and colorful and smell amazing. There is no better time to have an excuse to cover your home in florals and fun patterns.