Stylish Hacks To Get, And Stay, Organized In Every Room

Who says spring cleaning needs to be a drag? While the new season might have you itching for a little organization, the task might be daunting at first. There are a lot of creative ways to get in the spring cleaning spirit without breaking the bank, or your back. Take it one room at a time with this guide of stylish hacks to declutter and rearrange every inch of your home!

The Bedroom

It’s important to keep the bedroom organized because as the heart of the home, its tidiness often reflects on your life and routine. Lack of order in the space where you rest, often leads to a life that is chaotic and disorderly, while great organization leads to a life of stability and serenity.

Get a calendar

Start by purchasing a calendar to keep track of events and responsibilities. But not just any calendar, one that serves as a room decoration. Look for ones that are reusable, like dry-erase, and made of glass, or even framed to give an upscale look to a traditional calendar. Some are even customizable, with endless creative potential to add your own name or favorite colors. This will give you the peace of mind that you’re never forgetting anything important. And you’re doing it with style.

Sort your clothes

If you haven’t worn it since last spring, it’s probably time to let it go. Donating clothes is a great way to clear out space in the closet, while also giving back to the community. While you’re rummaging through clothes, choose some of your best pieces to highlight on a clothing rack. Not only does a rack tastefully show off a few of your killer pieces, it makes them more easily accessible, while also making the closet a little less crowded.

Utilize visible storage

Make countertop clutter disappear and floor piles be gone. Utilize the open space under the bed to store items that you don’t use daily, like boxes of seasonal clothes. You might even want to consider investing in a footboard, or a bench for the foot of the bed, that includes built in shelves or drawers. They are ideal for holding collections of books, blankets, or anything in need of a designated storage space. Be creative in how you reduce countertop clutter. Organize small accessories like hats and jewelry by hanging them on stylish hooks or pins in the wall. Make a decorative hanging arrangement out of your fedora collection and you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

The Bathroom

It’s no secret that the bathroom can get a little messy. Towels on the floor, beard clippings in the sink, and more than likely, makeup scattered explosively over the countertop. It’s also not a secret that the place where you go to clean up should be tidy and hygenic.

Storage baskets & jars

Storage is the timeless key to flawless organization. Utilize wicker baskets to store clean, folded towels and washcloths. In fact, instead of tossing a handful of toilet paper on the floor next to the toilet every now and then, try keeping rolls neatly in their own basket and tuck it away under the sink. It’s also a good idea to designate one basket for dirty laundry and another for garbage. This way, when you’re rushing to prepare for a hot date night, your dirty clothes and beard clippings won’t be the messy aftermath. You can also use glass jars to store cosmetic items like q-tips and cotton balls for both accessibility and style.

Rolling carts

Ladies, it’s time to clear off some counter space and put that lipstick in its place. Rolling carts offer great versatility because of the shelves and the wheels, giving them the ability to hold many items as well as move from space to space. Try placing a cosmetic organizer into a rolling cart for maximum efficiency. Arrange cosmetics like makeup, hair products, and lotions inside to free up space on the countertop of your sink.

Shower shelves

We all know the feeling of searching for our favorite shampoo in a sudsy sea of half empty products. Instead of letting countless tubes of body wash swallow the shower walls, get rid of the products you don’t need and invest in shower shelves to organize what’s left. And there’s no need for burdensome installation. Many are sold ready to attach to the showerhead and enjoy!

The Kitchen

If you’re an expert chef, or even if you’re not, it’s likely that you spend ample time in the kitchen serving up snacks. Make mealtime a little bit easier by getting your kitchen together with these tips and tricks.

Weekly grocery & chore chart

Having the grocery list in one place can make it simple for everyone to add things they need throughout the week. Keeping a list posted on the fridge is also a foolproof way to ensure that it won’t get lost or damaged. Same goes for a weekly chore chart. Rather than yelling at Timmy to do the dishes every week, keep a chart on the fridge or somewhere in the kitchen where it is visible to the whole family. This way, you’re keeping everyone in the household accountable for the chores they’re responsible for, while giving yourself a break from trying to remember whose turn it is to mop the floor.

Visible storage for bulk items

Scouring the pantry for a new bag of rice every time you run out can get old fast when it’s something you make often. Luckily, there’s an easy fix! Combine and display bulk items in glass jars and containers and show them off as counter decor. You can even use this method to tame a busy pantry. It works best for everything from coffee beans to sugar or even for your morning cereal. Add an extra touch of charm to the jars by labeling them with what’s inside, and changing them as necessary.

Hang the necessities

Nothing is worse than searching the entire kitchen for your favorite spatula as your dinner burns on the stove. Try hanging kitchen essentials like your best pans, whisks, and knives, where you need them the most, rather than tossing them in a cabinet. Because the apron and oven mitts are much more helpful when they’re within arms reach of the cook! This is also a useful way to increase open space in cabinets, minimizing clutter and creating a more organized area.