Integrative/Anti-aging Physician at Synergistiq Wellness

Dr. Verma is double board-certified in family medicine and integrative medicine. She graduated magna cum laude from The College of NJ and received her MD from Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey (formerly Robert Wood Johnson Medical School). 

Dr. Verma completed her family medicine residency at Somerset Medical Center and was elected chief resident. She founded Synergistiq Integrative Health (now known as Synergistiq Wellness), her private practice, in 2013, during a very challenging time in her life and so Synergistiq represents a rebirth and renewal of her soul.

After years of feeling unfulfilled treating patients traditionally, Dr. Verma decided to change course, following her passion to educate and heal each individual as a whole, not as a fragmented and dissected collection of systems. Today, Dr. Verma is deeply committed to the importance of integrative medicine and practices exactly what she preaches, living her life the same way that she expects her patients to. From the beginning, her goal has been to create a practice that could give patients an opportunity for a healthier and happier version of their existence. As a well-known TV personality and blogger, Dr. Verma strives to enrich the lives of everyone she meets. She understands the frustration and angst of patients who are sick and tired of feeling tired and sick. Dr. Verma knows that in order to find a long-term cure, patients need treatments that address the root cause of their symptoms, not just address lab numbers. Dr. Verma’s relentless pursuit of total well-being embodies the essence of Synergistiq Wellness. Integrative medicine draws on the principles of Ayurveda, which arguably is the world’s most ancient and intricate medicinal system. 

Ayurvedic medicine comes naturally to Dr. Verma, as she is of Eastern-Indian origin, with these theories flowing through her veins. Born and raised in America, Dr. Verma has the advantage of harmonizing Western and Eastern medicine. As a 1st generation Indian, she grew up always finding a way to bridge the two cultures. Dr. Verma firmly believes that everyone should be given a chance to create a happier and healthier version of their existence. The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease. 

Always be proactive, never reactive.

Synergistiq has 2 locations, one in Clearwater and the newest one in South Tampa/Hyde Park. Services include IV therapy, bioidentical hormones, exosomes, peptides, gut health, weight loss, detox, face + body aesthetics, medical marijuana, yoga/fitness, plant-based nutrition and more. She is an accomplished Indian Classical dancer and competitive tennis player and wanderlust.  She has always harbored a passion for healthy and happy living and instills those same personal values in her patients. Her philosophy and approach to optimal living resonates in how she practices medicine, which is following her 4 proclaimed pillars of a healthy lifestyle: clean diet, exercise, restorative sleep and stress reduction. Spreading the wealth means spreading health. She is a key opinion leader for Pathway Genomics, and a faculty speaker for A4M, AMMG, AMMPA, and Cutera. Dr. Verma has appeared as a medical advisor on NBC daytime Show and Bay News 9. She has also filmed pieces for PBS and Lifetime TV and with Shark Tank creator Kevin Harrington.

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