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Best Choice in Dermatology

Dr. Carol Sims-Robertson founded Divine Dermatology in 2003, one of the premiere private practice Dermatology groups in The Tampa Bay Area,  after relocating from her home town Detroit, Michigan where she had completed her residency at Wayne State University in 1987 and practiced for years. Earlier she had gotten her bachelors from San Francisco State University in cell biology in 1979 prior to attending The University of California, San Francisco, and graduating with her MD in 1983.  So settling into St. Petersburg, Florida years later, the home of her forefathers, she now found herself in another beautiful Bay Area to enjoy.

Dr. Sims credits the lovely people of St Petersburg, 2 special friends, Angela and Kathleen, who helped recruit patients, and the gorgeous weather in St. Pete,  for her successful dermatology practice.  She realized her unique position was to bring kind medical care to this special small town. From the beginning, she was saving lives by conducting countless full skin cancer screening examinations, finding melanomas, abnormal moles, and countless skin cancers. Being a gifted dermatologic surgeon, she was able to beautifully excise and repair the cancerous lesions she found and refer those who needed to be, on for tertiary care. She also loves and has a great deal of expertise in treating psoriasis, eczema, acne, rashes, and general dermatology issues.

Her love for the cosmetic dermatology treatments  that were becoming more plentiful and increasingly sought after, gave her artistry an outlet. As she will tell you, Dr. Sims’ experience with injecting dermal fillers began over 30 years ago when we all began with collagen injections, and which has evolved to what it is today with a variety of Hyaluronic Acids fillers and calcium based fillers available for multiple uses. She is very experienced injecting fillers. In addition, Dr. Sims and her staff of highly trained Nurses and PA’s perform multiple Botox and Dysport treatments per day, as well as chemical peels, laser skin tightening and hair reduction procedures on all skin types and all skin colors. Recognized as an expert on skin of color, she enjoys taking care of many of these patients referred to her from the surrounding counties, tailoring their care to their unique needs.  The latest addition to her armamentarium is a Microneedling RF machine that will safely treat all skin colors, rejuvenating and repairing acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, and photo-aging.  Divine Dermatology of St. Petersburg is accepting new patients.