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Medical Director Cell Renew Medical Spa

Dr. Mario Hernandez is a husband, father and physician who specializes in Hospital and Aesthetics Medicine. You’ll find him at Saint Joseph Hospital in Tampa Bay, where he has been an adult medicine hospitalist for the past 10 years. Dr. Hernandez says his most rewarding experience has been taking care of those who are most ill and helping them make a health improvement plan to improve their own quality of life. And then more recently, he has proudly cared for 100s of Covid-19 patients on the front lines as their managing physician.

Though Tampa has been his home for a long time, Dr. Hernandez’ journey began some 1200 miles into the Atlantic, in Humacao, Puerto Rico. There he was born and was raised until the age of 12. And appropriately, it was medicine and the opportunity to help others that brought Mario and his family to the US—Mario’s father, Dr. Wright Hernandez, came to the US to practice medicine as a family physician in Michigan. And there in Michigan, Mario completed his undergraduate at Central Michigan University and went on to medical school at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. After medical school, he went on to complete his residency in family medicine at the University of Kentucky.

The idea of helping others improve their beauty and image always brought Mario towards the field of Aesthetic Medicine. And after becoming acquainted with the field, he found that being an expert with his hands and his detail-oriented mindset made him a perfect match for the venture. He went on to obtain the most innovative and specialized aesthetic medicine training at numerous institutions all over world, such as the EIMEC Institute of Barcelona and Full Face Academy of Medellin, Colombia. He trained with the world’s best aesthetic physicians in Mexico and Miami.

With this knowledge and expertise, Dr. Hernandez and his wife Wendy founded Cell Renew Medical Spa with the goal of creating a unique skin care experience for the patient with most innovative treatments used throughout the world. With their new venture, they can help men and women look and feel good, be comfortable with themselves, increase confidence, foster happiness and with it: health and beauty, inside and out.

Check out their website (CellRenewTampa.com) and follow them on Instagram @CellRenew to see the newest treatments in aesthetic medicine.