You probably already have a skincare routine that you do religiously, but have you considered adding an extra step for blue light protection? In this age of digitalization and technology, many people are unaware about the effects that the blue light from their phone or computer screen has on their skin. Blue light contains high-frequencies and short wavelengths that are detrimental to your skin cells. The effects are not immediate but are long term. It has been found that blue light causes cell shrinkage, speeds up the aging process, and adds excess stress to the skin.

Recently, many brands have released creams and serums focusing on just blue light protection alone. Before the release of these blue light focused protectants, many professionals recommended just wearing sunscreen or SPF. Unfortunately for the consumer, many of these common sunscreens leave a white cast or a thick and sticky feeling on your face. That’s why brands like Soleil Toujours and Goodhabit have deterred away from the common sunscreen, introducing other products of protection.

The Goodhabit brand, released in 2020, is a leading skincare company in the protection from blue light. They provide on their brand website ( that SPF is not enough to fight the visible blue light. Their best seller is the Water Jelly Dew Cream which is supposed to provide “heavyweight hydration with a lightweight feel” utilizing their BLU5 technology.  This technology they have created is from the extraction of a marine active off the coast of Greenland. This active ultimately creates a light protective film on the skin while neutralizing the effects of blue light.

Furthermore, luxury brand, Soleil Toujours, has also released an anti-blue light formulated mist. Soleil Toujours announced their mission to “erase the divide between luxury skincare and serious suncare, making protection from the sun’s harmful rays a daily routine, not just a beach-day consideration” ( However, their Organic Set+ Protect Micro Mist SPF 30 also provides protection from the blue light with the inclusion of the EcoSun Complex. This is their blend of red algae, ascorbyl pamitate (oil-soluble form of vitamin C), vitamin E, and bisabolol (extracted from chamomile) that is included in their products.  They also focus on sustainable packaging and environmental responsibility, so you don’t have to feel guilty when purchasing their products knowing that they are vegan and environmentally friendly.

Make the choice to add the extra step of blue light protectant skincare to your routine and you’ll realize that’s what you’ve been missing.