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Suarez Law Firm attorneys Ed Suarez and Rachel May Zysk defend corporations and individuals accused of criminal conduct or embroiled in disputes with federal and state authorities in a wide array of criminal and civil matters. Mr. Suarez and Ms. Zysk represent clients in federal and state courts throughout Florida.  With more than forty years of combined experience, including more than one hundred jury and bench trials, Mr. Suarez and Ms. Zysk understand the significant implications of government investigations, criminal charges, and civil litigation.  Mr. Suarez and Ms. Zysk’s commitment to their clients and zealous advocacy is reflected in their local, state, and national commendations.

The Suarez Law Firm defends clients against allegations of wrongdoing in a wide gamut of matters, from those involving highly regulated and complex industries to more common state matters including serious felonies, misdemeanors and DUIs. Mr. Suarez and Ms. Zysk defend people and companies targeted by qui tam relators and accused of False Claims Act violations.  The firm conducts corporate internal investigations and vigilantly protects its clients’ rights and privileges while navigating them through government investigations. Mr. Suarez and Ms. Zysk take great pride in their work and value the trust of their clients.

Ed Suarez is an accomplished trial lawyer who, as a result of his nearly thirty years of hard work and zealous representation, has earned the respect of his peers, as well as local and national commendations. Although renowned for his trial skills, the hallmark of Mr. Suarez’s career has been his ability to identify subtle issues, foresee alternative legal and factual scenarios, and carefully construct litigation strategies unique to each matter. When Mr. Suarez takes a case, his priority is that client’s needs. Mr. Suarez places a high value on discretion and protecting his clients’ reputations.

Rachel May Zysk is an accomplished lawyer and nationally published author with a wealth of experience in complex criminal and civil litigation. Ms. Zysk has represented defendants in several high profile criminal trials and civil matters. She has defended her clients against qui tam “whistleblower” suits and alleged False Claims Act violations; criminal fraud charges and other white collar crimes; and a gamut of traditional crimes including murder, sex, drug, terrorism, firearms, and computer offenses. She has tried federal cases to verdict, argued before the Eleventh Circuit, and successfully obtained both jury acquittals and bench-issued judgments of acquittal.


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