By Elliot Mintzer – President of MySky Aviation

As the summer draws to an end, we look back at the trips taken, memories made with new and old friends and islands visited.  Abaco, Eleuthera and more.  You don’t just have to experience the Bahamas during summer.  The islands are closer than you think. 

Did you know that the Bimini islands are the closest chain of Bahama Islands to Florida?  North and South Bimini are only 60 miles away, nine square miles long and packed with history and interest.

North Bimini settled in 1848 became famous during prohibition as it was used mainly for storage for Florida Rum Runners.

South Bimini is know to be the possible site of the famous Fountain of Youth and home to lost continent of Atlantis. 

With resorts and condos located along the shoreline you can expect beautiful views at any spot on the islands

Being so close to Florida, Bimini can seem like a ghost town because of the boater community that constantly is going back and forth to Florida.

If you are looking for that quick getaway, Bimini is only 40 minutes by private air charter from Orlando Executive Airport. 

Using Private Air Charter allows for time to be on your side.  Arriving minutes before departure just pull right up to the aircraft, board and off you go. Vacation on!

We invite you to visit the Bahamas, and with the use of Private Air Charter, well….it’s about time!