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Beyond 20/20 Vision Strategist

Dr. Susan Truong and her family immigrated to Florida in the 1970s from Vietnam, penniless and without speaking English. She learned that these were just obstacles, not excuses. Her parents impressed upon their five children that the key out of poverty is education. She was willing to do what it takes to achieve the American dream. She received her Doctor of Optometry from Nova Southeastern University in 2000. Today, she is a highly successful optometrist with multiple practices. As entrepreneurs, she and her husband are also real estate investors and own a thriving artsy bar in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. That is all exciting except for one thing. What Dr. Susan Truong did not realize is that striving for success had a major BLINDSPOT. She realized that the workaholic in her had been neglecting those most important to her, her family. This became more of a realization when she lost one of her younger brothers to cancer only nine days after his diagnosis. With this new insight, now as a Beyond 20/20 Vision Strategist, she has dedicated her life to helping others SEE BEYOND 20/20, so that not only do they better live into their vision, but are more equipped to transform that vision into reality. She is a brilliant speaker/coach who will help you to navigate life’s toughest challenges and assist you in building and living your greatest story ever. Today, her devotion is based on her core values of COMMITMENT, BELIEVE, and TRIUMPH. “I am deeply passionate about empowering people to have clarity and live a life beyond 20/20. No one said that your vision has to stop at 20/20. Your vision should be so big that it scares you. If this poor girl from Vietnam can do it, then so can you!”