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Susan Blankenship DMD INC Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Susan Blankenship moved to the Tampa Bay area directly after completing her Pediatric Dental Residency in 1995. After receiving her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of Kentucky, she attended case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio where she completed a Pediatric Dental Residency that included training at The University Hospitals of Cleveland and Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. She has been in private practice treating    the dental needs of children in Pinellas and surrounding counties since the onset of her career as a Pediatric Dentist.

Dr. Blankenship, known by her young patients as ‘Dr. B” focuses on prevention in her practice and stresses the importance of establishing a dental home at an early age. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a dental home be established no later than 12 months of age. By following this guideline it not only educates the caregiver on the importance of good oral hygiene at a very young age but it also allows children to become familiar and comfortable with their Pediatric Dentist so that if the need were to arise for treatment beyond a routine “cleaning” appointment, the procedure would be better tolerated due to the familiar surroundings and faces.

When you step into Dr. Blankenship’s Palm Harbor location, you definitely won’t think you are in a dental office. The office is adorned with fun, bright splashes of color, a mini movie theater for children (and parent’s) to enjoy and even smells like cookies! The treatment areas have TV’s for the kids to watch as they are being treated and as they wait to be treated there are ipads on the walls loaded with games to play.  It is very common for her young patients to want to finish their games and not go home when the appointment is over!  Every patient gets a golden token to choose a “prize” from Dr. Blankenship’s Prize Wall prior to leaving. This often becomes the highlight of the appointment!

So many adults are dental phobic because of an experience they had as a child.  It is for this reason that Dr. Blankenship goes above and beyond to make every visit as pleasant as possible. The early experiences are very important not only from the perception of a dental visit but to start out with good oral hygiene habits that hopefully become “second nature” as children grow. 

Being involved in the community is very important to Dr. Blankenship.  She has a mascot that she has fondly named “Mike, the Molar”. Mike is a life sized tooth that visits elementary schools, daycare centers and pre schools to explain proper oral hygiene and the importance of healthy snacks. “Life Like” examples of healthy vs. non healthy foods are used to demonstrate.  The kids really enjoy touching these only to find out they aren’t real.

“We put BIG smiles on little faces” is the office motto.  Dr. Blankenship and her staff of 9 inspire to do just that!  They want the kids to say “that was fun, I liked it there”.  Providing top quality dentistry in a fun, all about kids environment is what Dr. Susan Blankenship, Pediatric Dentistry is all about. Her practice is located in the Fountains Plaza at 35036 US Hwy 19N, Palm Harbor.