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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Ted Grellner, as a college sophomore, had to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed during his mid-term exams. Unfortunately for him, the experience was all the more painful for not having had the tooth out before the gum around it got infected. It was also a memorable one, but not in a good way, for having chosen to have that one tooth removed while awake. 

Fortunately for his patients, the experience sparked a career-long interest in improving the wisdom tooth experience for teens as well as researching and developing a safe, effective, and comfortable IV general anesthesia technique.  In fact, many of his patients say that with Dr. Grellner their wisdom teeth removal was a “breeze”, especially if they followed his recommendation to do so before problems arose.

As part of his commitment to making wisdom teeth removal as smooth as possible, Dr. Grellner has spent his career improving every step of the procedure: the timing of removal, the surgical technique, the pain management, and the IV anesthesia.

The result is a quicker, more comfortable surgical recovery requiring far less narcotic pain medication than expected, sometimes none at all.

His unique QuickRecover™ IV Anesthesia also provides greater control, safety and an unusually rapid and comfortable recovery, faster than any other anesthesia technique available.

Dr. Grellner and his staff take time to talk to each patient one-on-one to thoroughly explain what to expect the day of surgery and during recovery. They create a warm, friendly environment where patients will feel at ease rather than being left to worry about the unknown.

In addition to his expertise in comfortable wisdom teeth removal and IV anesthesia, Dr. Grellner also uses 3-D CT imaging and digital technology to place dental implants.

This advanced technology allows him to not only plan the placement of your dental implant 3-dimensionally in advance, but to also mill a precise surgical guide that reproduces this exact positioning.

Result? Quicker, more comfortable and precise implant placement. Gone are the educated guesses as to where the implant is going. Precise, ideal placement will also bring a smile to your dentist’s face when inserting your new tooth/crown onto your implant. Easy – Peasy.

Dr. Grellner and his staff pride themselves on taking the time to “do things right”. More information is available on his websites: grellnerdds.com and TampaWisdomTeeth.com