Spending Spending all day in an office working your nine to five, mind numbing job may be boring, but that doesn’t mean your style has to be. Spice up your suits with the help of this bold, new fashion trend we are seeing in menswear fashion this season; the sock.

The introduction of the fashion sock for men is all about bringing to life your monochromatic suit with a fun pop of color on your feet. This trend is one we are seeing catch on in men’s fashion for every age and style because there are so many different types of designs on these socks that it’s almost impossible not to find something that will fit in with your look.

For those who like a more subdued and refined style the perfect fashion sock for you might be one without a lot of pattern on it, but instead, something in the complimentary color family of your suit. A popular way to do this is to pair a red or a pink sock with your navy suit pants or a purple or bright blue sock with your khaki pants. If you’re looking for something a little more striking without going too bold try a complimentary color with a thinly drawn simple design in them such as paisley or argyle.

If you think your style is a little more daring then you may want, skip the complimentary colors all together and play up the geometric trends we are seeing in mens socks. Go bold by pairing your office attire with a loud colored sock that features multicolored shapes especially those that feature lots of angles like triangles and diamonds. These eye catching socks are the perfect companion to a slim tailored suit with a simple tie that incorporates a color from the socks. For maximum suave complete the look with a pair of worn leather colored wingtip derby shoes.

Supposing that you are a hipster, rocking a wicked man bun or a sleeve of tattoos and working in an office space that’s more casual than business, you can take one step further and get borderline ludicrous with your sock choices. For the ultimate level of “sock boldness” try to go for a high contrasting look. This is still about being fashion forward, so I am not recommending socks with crude graphic screen prints from the kiosk in the middle of the mall; while that may make a statement it’s probably the wrong one. Instead, find the sock that is still pretty neutral in its colors (black, white, grey, deep red, navy, olive green), which has a large bold print around the entire sock such as tribal or stripes. In order to achieve this high contrasting look without looking foolish it is important to be mindful of the outfit you’re pairing these with. Keep the bottom half of your outfit the most simple in order to avoid clashing with the socks with dark colored jeans and coordinating dark colored chukka boots. There is a little more room to play with what to wear as a top, whether you prefer button ups or a sweater just be mindful of your socks to avoid going from a high contrasting look to an “I got dressed with the lights off” look.