One of the first hing that girl is looking at is your eyebrows.  Being one of the more obvious physical characteristics on your face we want you to know how to take care of them.  Men’s grooming can be misleading, but we are here to tell you the dos and don’ts of eyebrow maintenance.

The fine line: 

Men with eyebrows that are too thin and too sculpted can give off the impression that they are too into themselves and that they spend too much time on their eyebrows.  Most men will admit that they get their eyebrows waxed or shaved, but the trick is to tweeze away the hair.  Tweezing cleans up the hair around the eyebrows without giving too much definition.  As a man, you want your eyebrows to look great, yet, as natural as possible.  Over shaping them will only make you look super metrosexual and kind of girly.

The unibrow: 

Eyebrows are very important in framing your whole face.  They make you look polished when well taken care of.  With that being said, the unibrow has got to go.  This is probably the easiest hair to get rid of and trust me, a girl will notice.  Any hair above your nose shows that you don’t put forth effort into your appearance, most women will find you unattractive.

The five o’clock shadow brow: 

Shaving eyebrows are never the answer.  Although, it has been proven that shaving does not make hair grow any thicker or faster, the hair will still look thicker because the ends are no longer naturally tapered but now blunt.  Shaving your eyebrows may also cause the hairs to grow out in odd directions.  Shaving does not get to the root of the hair, still leaving the remains of the hair showing on your skin, giving your eyebrows that five o’clock shadow appeal.  Put down the razor, pick up the tweezers.

The weed wacker brow:

There is nothing wrong with full eyebrows, bushy eyebrows however, are not the easiest on the eyes.  Having thick eyebrows are a blessing for many, and probably the easiest to maintain.  A trim of the hair here and there won’t kill you.  Brush eyebrows up using a comb and then gently trim eyebrows with a scissor.  Any stray hairs can go, but leave most strays above and below your brow line to maintain a masculine arch. 

All men know the essential benefits of being well groomed.  Your eyebrows shape and frame your face.  Taking off some of the weight out of your eyebrows can completely change your face and the impression you give, while still keeping your masculinity.  Your wife, girlfriend, and society will thank you.