Dear Readers,

Now that it’s election year with all of its craziness, it seems that this year is even more unusual, with many candidates that we wouldn’t have thought of as our Commander in Chief. I always found it odd that in the primary candidates throw as much dirt as possible on their opponents of the same party, only to endorse them later. Well, that’s politics for you. Everyone is talking about Donald and his rude, unorthodox methods, but we have to give him credit where it is due. He is a master of public relations and knows just how to keep people talking about him, which has led to more popularity than many would like to see.

In a way, this election is both hilarious and horrendous at the same time. No one seems to care if they actually have a plan to get our country into better shape. I hope that once we have a new president, we would be able to see a more unified Congress and House of Representatives that will strive to accomplish things for us, The People.

March is finally here, and a fresh new issue of Tampa Style Magazine is on the coffee tables and in many professional offices and businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond. In this issue, you will find the stylish swimwear trends of 2016. You’ll find outfits from amazing designers; one label often mentioned as the “Ferrari of Swimwear.” Always stylish, always classy!

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Yes, the highly praised digital world, the only thing is, how do you find anything between the millions of websites online? Many smart analysts suggest to promote it in print, and now print is back by popular demand. Luxury brands need print media as a vital channel to present products and services to the affluent audience.

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Sven J. Bode