Can you believe it?
Tampa Style Magazine is now in its 5th year of publishing! We have greatly enjoyed this exciting adventure to bring you the best luxury lifestyle magazine in the Tampa Bay area, and we are dedicated to making this our greatest year yet.

Now that the holidays are over, we are relieved that we can get back to normal and see all the fantastic things 2016 has in store for us. As much as we love the holiday season, we love working to create the finest local publication even more. Prices are going up (even though we always keep ours stable and low for you!), and hopefully our positive feelings of new beginnings will be going up as well this year!

Everything we do here at Tampa Style is for our readers, and we extend a well-deserved note of gratitude as you continue to provide us with your loyalty and love, which always motivates us even more to keep a much-needed edge in our publishing marketplace. This goes for our wonderful advertisers as well! This year, we will continue to maintain our diligence in creating only the best in each issue, working steadfastly to publish original editorials and visuals with—as always—the highest degree of professionalism in ad structure, design, and presentation.

Unlike others in this industry, our highest value is the responsibility we have to give our readers solid and valuable resources that will help them make decisions in choosing local services or purchasing the finest products available. We always welcome your input, including questions and concerns with our “open door” policy when it comes to contacting us. It’s important to us that you let our business clients know that you saw their advertisement in Tampa Style Magazine, where real value is found every time!

Now, let’s talk real estate. Our research team is continually monitoring the local, regional and international markets and has reported that comparative prices for residential homes are much higher around the globe than those right here at home. We are not only speaking about properties in Paris or Tokyo, but also in remote towns in the expanses of China and South America. Why look elsewhere when the Tampa housing market is priced amazingly reasonable? Get in on the opportunity to ride our local real estate market upward because we all know that prices are on the rise again, hallelujah!

Finally, I would like to wish all of you a very happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you enjoy this February issue with its look into the latest fashion trends and fun editorials about all things love and romance.

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Have a romantic Valentine’s Day with Style!



Sven J. Bode