Melissa A. Giasi, Esq. & Michael A. Giasi, Esq.


Giasi Law is a dynamic boutique law firm that was created to provide superior and aggressive legal representation and counsel to each of its clients.  Giasi Law has over thirty years combined experience behind it and avidly represents clients in all Florida and Federal jurisdictions.

Mike is both a skilled civil litigator and a seasoned criminal defense attorney who uses his trial talents to help clients in both arenas.  Mike zealously defends clients charged with violating Federal or state crimes.  In doing so, Mike takes his role as counselor seriously and firmly believes that part of his representation is to help each client navigate the formidable and intimidating process of defending against criminal charges.  This means that Mike remains accessible to his clients and also that he makes it a priority to explain each step of the process and making sure his clients have all the information they need to make these difficult decisions.  Mike focuses on defending clients charged with insurance fraud and other financial crimes, but he has extensive experience defending RICO, trafficking and other drug crimes and has tried over one hundred cases to verdict.  Most of his

time in civil court is spent acting as an advocate for policyholders wronged by insurance companies but Mike has had much success for clients involved in business and contract disputes.  Mike is also frequently hired by clients named in personal injury lawsuits to supervise the attorneys hired by the insurance carrier.

Melissa is board certified by the Florida Bar in Appellate Practice and Real Estate Law.  Most of her time is spent prosecuting and defending appeals in Florida’s district courts of appeal and the Florida Supreme Court but Melissa also handles Federal appellate cases as well as select commercial litigation cases at the trial court level.  Melissa is an expert in appellate practice and her clients rely on Melissa to navigate the obstacles that frequently arise during jury trials as well as the minefields of appellate preservation.  Melissa does not just step in after a case is over.  As appellate counsel, she is often actively involved in cases far before the case goes to trial.  Melissa frequently appeals adverse rulings prior to trial with the goal of giving her client the best possible chance to prevail at trial while simultaneously preserving her client’s right to challenge an unfavorable outcome. 

Both Mike and Melissa completed their undergraduate education at the University of Florida, earned their law degrees from Stetson and started their careers at the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office as Assistant State Attorneys.  However, the true glue that unites the talent at Giasi Law is the passion that both Melissa and Mike have for helping their clients get the benefits they are entitled to from insurance companies. At the trial court level, Mike determinedly litigates all matters pertaining to the rights of an insured in all first-party actions, including undervaluation and underpayment of a claim, denial of coverage, and insurer bad faith.  At the appellate level, Melissa is working tirelessly to level the playing field for insureds who are forced to sue their insurance companies.  Melissa is determined to change the insurance company’s ability to arbitrarily deny valid claims and then hide behind the invented “claims file” privilege.  She is also tenaciously trying to convince appellate courts to severely limit the instances where an insurance company can deny a valid claim on a technicality.

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