With a new season comes new beauty trends, and this fall, there are plenty of makeup, skin, and nail options to choose from. Beauty experts are already anticipating a resurgence of bobs, lobs, and bangs, but when it comes to the other steps in your daily beauty routine, it appears that tried-and-true staples (with a few unexpected twists) are sticking around.

We might not entirely welcome the departure of warm weather, but this is a good opportunity to revamp your beauty regimen. Fall presents us the chance to update the usual nude palette with hints of shimmer and the unexpected use of bright color. Plus, with holiday festivities just around the corner, always make sure to have a few makeup goodies that can work for whatever the day throws your way. 

When it comes to skincare, fall often spells disaster for our once sunkissed skin. With the changes in weather, our skin usually goes from oily to dry. In this case, go for products like a soothing, lightweight moisturizer and a mask created to combat redness and dry skin woes.