Unleash Your Deepest Fears at Tampa Bay’s Ultimate Halloween Extravaganza

Prepare for an electrifying descent into terror as Busch Gardens® Howl-O-Scream® claws its way back into the spotlight. This spine-chilling event is poised to engulf the entire park with an unparalleled surge of haunted houses, scare zones, sinister spectacles, and more. Each shadowy corner teems with unspeakable horrors, and even the pulse-pounding thrill rides aren’t safe from the grasp of fear. Howl-O-Scream beckons you to ascend to a new echelon of terror, where once you step within, everything you once knew to be safe is ripe with trepidation.

From Haunted Houses to Scare Zones, Thrill Rides, and Enthralling Entertainment

The resurgence of spine-tingling haunted houses heralds a reign of terror like never before. Expect a blend of both novel and beloved returning houses, each eagerly anticipating your imminent dread. Yet, the eerie essence of horror doesn’t confine itself to these chilling abodes alone. An aura of unspeakable dread permeates every obscure nook and cranny of the park, leaving no sanctuary from the impending terror. With chilling scare zones, prowling hordes, and Florida’s most exhilarating rides coming to life under the shroud of night, brace yourself for a symphony of screams at every twist and turn.

Dare to Venture into the Unknown

Step into the abyss of D.H. Baggum’s Circus of Fear, a new haunted house that beckons both the brave and the timid. D.H. Baggum himself presents a menagerie of monstrosities guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and freeze your blood in its tracks. 

A classic favorite, Stranglewood Estate, resurfaces with a vengeance, as Ms. Stranglewood weaves sinister secrets into every crevice. Once a bastion of mirth and opulent celebrations, the estate now harbors the malevolent spirit of darkness.

The Residence: Home For The Holidays returns, its façade of merriment shattered, and its corridors echoing with macabre undertones. 

The Witch of the Woods, as wicked as ever, lures the curious into her ominous forest, leaving only tales of bone-chilling horror and despairing wails to escape. As you venture deeper into the woods, survival becomes a fleeting hope, hunted relentlessly by demonic disciples within their forsaken village.

The Forgotten: Uprising – A year has elapsed, and the unsettling aura of disappearance clings to the air. The relentless battle for survival is underway, demanding unwavering courage and indomitable resolve to endure the haunting Night.

Sinister Shows and Haunting Scare Zones Await

Dare to descend into the depths of dread from now until October 31st.

Secure your Tickets online and prepare to confront your deepest fears.

Experience the fear firsthand at Busch Gardens® Howl-O-Scream®—the event intended for only the bravest souls.