Ladies, flats are great and all, but we love wearing our heels. But are you wearing them the right way?

Behold, six heel outfits you should think twice about.

1. Denim shorts with stilettos
Doesn’t matter how good your legs look, denim shorts with heels aren’t a classy look. Wearing a sneaker is preferred or some wedges if you must have height.

2. Mini skirt with platform pumps
Pumps can easily give you six inches of height, and wearing a mini skirt with it can lead to an ankle disaster (and you may flash someone) and you will look and feel dumb.

3. Leggings/sweatpants with any heels
If you look like your going to the gym your shoes should match. This look was trying to be a trend but…no, just no.

4. Any kind of heels you can’t walk in
This seems so straight forward, but you will be surprised how many women make this mistake. Doesn’t matter how cute it is, if it’s too tight or too big, do not wear them. You want to avoid looking like a newborn deer.

5. Sandals with a pencil skirt
This isn’t heel related, but it’s a problem that must be addressed. Wearing a sandal or flip flop with a pencil skirt is probably worse than what has been mentioned above. It does not match. Flats or closed toe shoes are A-okay. Save the flip flops for the house or beach.

6. Socks with heels
Do we really need to explain…