Aboard Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic!

2323Many people grew up adoring the classic stories on screen, and nowadays, guests have the opportunity to experience watching some of their favorite stories in a whole different light — dazzling live stage shows.

While stage shows aren’t new to the company, Disney has delivered again, bringing the magic to the sea in Disney Cruise Line’s latest addition to the cruise line’s lineup of live entertainment with Tangled: The Musical. This live musical is performed on every voyage aboard Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic. The musical premiered in November last year and became a hit, featuring several familiar songs from the original film along with vibrant sets and spirited dance numbers in the ship’s 977-seat Walt Disney Theater.

For those who are familiar with Tangled, you will be delighted to know Disney did a superb job sticking to the storyline while some of your favorite characters from the movie, including Rapunzel, Flynn, Mother Gothel and the ever-so-spunky palace horse Maximus add flair to the humorous tale.

Tangled: The Musical is a beautiful collaboration that pleases both the eyes and the ears, and the laborious work that went into creating this special entertainment masterpiece is reflected throughout the entire show.

The vivid set features 15 colorful scenes and seven distinct locations, and every set piece for the musical was sculpted and painted by hand. Tony Award-winning costume designer Paloma Young developed 125 costumes using more than 200 different types of fabric, all of which accurately reflect the characters’ personalities and traits. And even more talent came from the creators of the energizing music. Academy-Award winning composer Alan Menken and Grammy Award-winning lyricist Glenn Slater teamed up for a second time — they previously collaborated on the original Tangled soundtrack — creating three new themed songs specifically for the musical.

For those who have never seen the movie or are unfamiliar with Tangled, this musical is guaranteed to pull heartstrings and leave you with a big smile on your face. This Disney classic takes guests on an enchanting adventure following a young girl named Rapunzel who was kidnapped by an ill-willed lady named Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel wished to keep Rapunzel to herself to benefit from Rapunzel’s magical golden locks, and for 17 years, Rapunzel was confined to a tiny tower where she was forbidden to leave. On the brink of Rapunzel’s 18th birthday, she builds the courage to escape and see the world beyond her window, going on a unique, fun-filled journey in search of the sky lanterns she grew up admiring, making some unlikely friends along the way.

The musical is an absolute must-see. The Disney Magic itself is an impressive ship, and this musical featuring twice a day is the icing on the cake. Onboard Cruise Director Leslie Dallas said guests are loving it, claiming that “many are waiting outside the doors to see the show.”

It is the first time Tangled has been transformed into a broadway style show, and all of the hardworking casts on stage and backstage do a fantastic job of preserving some of that Disney magic that has fans coming back each year.
For more information about Tangled: The Musical and the Disney Magic, visit www.disneycruise.disney.go.com/ships/magic/