Makeup mistakes you’re making

We are all guilty of it. Sometimes we just can’t be bothered with taking an extra step. But ladies, we need to take that extra step if we don’t want to wake up with a surprise on our face! Here are some examples of what we are doing wrong and need to fix ASAP.

Applying foundation with your fingers I know that sometimes using your hands is more convenient, but unless you really wash your hands right before touching your makeup, the dirt and germs on your hands can irritate the skin. Use a makeup brush or sponge instead and clean them regularly. With that being said…

Using dirty makeup brushes and tools This may be worse than using your hands! By not regularly washing your brushes, a lot of bacteria and germs will build up in the bristles. Each time you use your brush, you are applying those bacteria all over your face and worse, your eyes. You can purchase brush cleaners, or simple soap and water work fine!

Not washing your face at night It is very important to wash your face before you go to bed. Even more so if you have a full face of makeup on. You can use makeup wipes, but they aren’t enough. When wearing a full face of makeup, oils can get built up under the heavy makeup and can cause breakouts. So wash your face fully to avoid those nasty breakouts.

Read the labels When buying makeup, try to find water-based products. To limit any irritation, look for makeup labeled non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free. And if your skin is extra sensitive, maybe consider oil-free moisturizers or ones that use natural oils.

Covering your acne with makeup Perhaps makeup may or may not be the main cause of your breakouts, but covering up your acne is just making it worse. Applying makeup irritates your skin, which can cause inflammation and more severe acne. Also, the makeup makes it harder for your pores to unclog.