Meditation spas have been all the hype this year.  In a time where meditation boutiques are almost more popular than regular day spas, Americans are taking more interest in pastimes that soothe not just the body, but also the mind. Learning how to calm the mind and master a quiet headspace is proven to have many benefits in dealing with the stresses of everyday life. Yoga has long been celebrated as a way to achieve a balance between mind and body, but for those that want to take their meditation exercises to the next level, sensory deprivation tanks may be the next step. 

These tanks take away the senses of sight and sound as you float in a ten-inch pool of Epson salt water.  In this weightless space, the mind takes off into uncharted territories as the brain utilizes its non-dominant half. While everyone has their own individual experiences, many encounter lucid, dreamlike hallucinations to out of body episodes.  Studies show that the more you use these tanks, the better you become at cultivating the benefits of these thought-provoking pods. 

Praised for the mind-calming and sensory-stimulating benefits, these tanks can aid in many nervous system problems, such as high blood pressure and chronic tension pains.  Without the commotion of day-to-day urgencies, many become aware of tension pains they never noticed they had before while occupying this quiet space.  Not only can it assist in challenges with the nervous system, it has also been shown to help ease anxiety, insomnia, and depression. 

As you lie floating in the dark with the ears submerged, a forced meditative state comes on that allows you to really explore thoughts that are usually blocked by everyday distractions. It’s a time to retreat into your own consciousness. As memories become clearer, and put-aside thoughts come to the forefront, it becomes easy to explore those closed off parts of the mind.  Many artists use these tanks as a way to tap into their creative side, especially when searching for inspiration to break through imaginative blocks. These tanks are gradually becoming more popular with athletes as well, due to the enhanced motor skills and perception benefits that carry on after an hour session.

The  next time you need a little inspiration, reflection, or rejuvenation, a session at your local floating sensory deprivation spa may just be the perfect remedy.  Whether you wish to quiet the mind and escape the stresses of the world for an hour, or you want to employ one of the many health benefits and lower your anxiety and high blood pressure, these tanks are worth trying to achieve that coveted space of balance between body and mind.