Midtown Tampa is up and coming in business, hospitality and transportation. A highly ranked city by the likes of Forbes Magazine and Best Cities, Tampa is taking advantage of its location and allowing their retail and services to flourish for the sake of exclusivity and opportunity. Located just three miles from the airport, it is a desirable stop for travelers. Yet the intention of the task is to become more than a pitstop on a more desirous journey. Midtown Tampa is looking to redefine growth. Currently under construction, recent projects will result in apartment complexes, hotels and office buildings. This mixed-use conglomerate is the first of its kind in a city like Tampa and the work will yield an increase in population, workforce and capital gain. This multi-million dollar undertaking is perfectly timed to be completed before hosting the Super Bowl in 2021. 

Bridging the gap between Downtown and Westshore, this will be an in-the-middle location that will meet the standards of both acclaimed locations. Exciting inclusions will include the areas first True Food Kitchen which is a health-based restaurant sponsored by Oprah Winfrey that integrates modern and traditional medicinal approaches to meals. A Whole Foods Market powerhouse will center the scheme, taking up 48,000 square feet. A theme of the services provided appears to be the wellbeing of the residents. Midtown Tampa’s Central Park is no exception as it will host events for community engagement such as yoga and festivals. Inclusivity is another prime factor in the design as dog parks and trails will allow fitness in many forms to take place as well as relaxation.     

With the introduction of dual-branded hotels, guests will be able to sit atop rooftops and lounge by poolsides in what can only be described as the height of luxury. With breathtaking views of the city and shores, as well as unlimited space for outdoor gyms and events, visitors will be in the heart of the city with access to all it has to offer. Downtown plans transcend an ordinary shopping district and instead has branded itself as a set of experiences. What has been described by the CEO of The Bromley Companies as “magnetic”, Midtown Tampa is about to become the hottest new destination district for those looking to embody elevated living. With retail experiences that are new to the area as well as distinguishable ventures, change is coming, and you’re going to want to be a part of it.