Leveraging the Value of Your Jewelry  – The solution is here in your neighborhood. 

A client-driven approach to leveraging the value of your jewelry.

Diamond Banc offers an innovative and customer driven approach when it comes to selling or leveraging the value of your jewelry. They provide a variety of financial solutions and collaborate with you to determine the optimal solution. 

What if I told you that there’s a state-of-the-art approach when it comes to selling and borrowing against what your jewelry is worth? Throughout our lives, we buy, receive and retain jewelry that ends up sitting in a drawer or safe for years, never to be worn. However, what if there was another way? Diamond Banc offers innovative and creative ways when it comes to selling or leveraging the value of your jewelry. Here is how.  

Founded in 2007, Diamond Banc opened their upscale endeavor as a way to help clientele sell their most valued high-end jewelry, luxury watches and much more.  During the process, Diamond Banc became one of the nation’s finest jewelry equity loan providers by providing the highest loan amounts, lowest cost of funds, and unmatched repayment options. Originally launched as a small operation in Columbia, Missouri, they opened several locations nationwide and found their elite business right  here in Tampa, FL!  

Diamond Banc is a unique business due to their dedication for delivering top-notch customer service. Along with the best customer service, they have also staked their reputation on employing the best and most knowledgeable jewelry experts in the nation. Diamond Banc has a large network of jewelry dealers, retail partners and industry connections. For example, if a client brings in a piece from the early 1900s, they consult with a specialist to ensure the client is getting the maximum amount they can for that specific piece.  

For those who are ready to part with their items and value being paid immediately, Diamond Banc will make an unparalleled purchase offer for your fine jewelry, luxury watches, and diamonds. They are known for funding transactions on the spot after providing you with the highest quality liquid value assessment.  

There are several liquidity options Diamond Banc makes available to best assist you. Clients can select one option or use them all depending on their situation and goals.  

Immediate Payment For Your Jewelry & Watches  

This option may suit those who are looking for an immediate transaction. Diamond Banc will provide an industry leading purchase offer for your diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches and issue payment on the spot.  

Effective Consignment  

For those who prefer a higher return over immediate funding, this option is for you.  Your item(s) are marketed to thousands of jewelry dealers, retailers and wholesalers.  Diamond Banc pays you a preferred return as soon as your item(s) sell. Take note that  this is for Items that will sell for $10,000+. 

Maximize Your Return by Making Diamond Banc Your Agent  

For those with the primary objective of maximizing their return, the Seller’s Agent  Service option is for you. Diamond Banc serves as their clients’ fiduciary, ensuring that  their interests are aligned and the highest return is achieved. Your most treasured and highest valued items are marketed to a variety of platforms nationwide with the goal of selling back to the end consumer. Diamond Banc charges a transparent, fixed percentage commission. Items that will sell for $35,000+ are eligible.

Get Money For Your Jewelry & Retain Ownership  

Have you ever considered getting a loan against your items instead of selling? When you choose the jewelry equity loan option you can leverage the equity value of your jewelry by borrowing against it. When borrowing against your items, you can get the best of both worlds. You get immediate access to the funds you need, and you get to maintain ownership since the jewelry is returned to you once the loan is repaid. It’s a win, win! As soon as your maximum loan value is determined, you can draw funds up and down like a traditional line of credit. This process is quick, safe, confidential, and has zero effect on your credit score.  

Demand Is Key  

Being knowledgeable of the current market demand is imperative for receiving the  maximum offer. This is what Diamond Banc’s elite staff are experts in. For example,  in the early 2000s, everyone wanted trendy princess-cut or square-cut diamonds.  Since there was such high demand for them and everyone bought one, the market is now flooded with them, resulting in much lower demand now. So then one would ask, what types of items are currently in demand? Round brilliant cut diamonds are almost always a top seller and likely always will be due to their timelessness. Other items in  high demand are: Rolex sports model watches, fine designer jewelry from designers such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. Designers known globally are always in high demand.  

Diamond Banc is Tampa’s leading resource for clients seeking a buyer for their jewelry, diamonds or luxury watches. They are the distinguished destination to sell or obtain a loan in an upscale, luxury environment. They specialize in buying diamonds, designer jewelry, gold jewelry, luxury watches and so much more. Diamond Banc willingly purchases single items to entire estates and provides ultra flexible, consumer friendly loan terms for those who wish to borrow money against their jewelry.  

Whether you’re seeking immediate funding or just merely exploring your options, Diamond Banc is available for a zero pressure, zero obligation, zero cost evaluation of your items to strategize the solution that best suits your needs. Start the process online at DiamondBanc.com or give them a call at (813) 609-4331 to schedule an appointment today at 3401 Henderson Blvd Suite E, Tampa, FL 33609.