Synergistiq Wellness​

Locations: 3165 McMullen Booth Rd., Suite D, Clearwater, FL 33761 | 727-754-2936

305 N. Rome Ave., Tampa, FL 33606 | 813-565-1521


Dr. Deepa Verma, a double-board certified MD in integrative/anti-aging medicine, founded Synergistiq Wellness in 2013 to shift from traditional patient treatment. Focused on educating and healing individuals as a whole, she embodies the essence of mind-body-spirit synergy in her practice.

Committed to preventative medicine, Dr. Verma lives by her principles, mirroring the lifestyle she expects from her patients. Synergistiq Wellness, born during a challenging period in her life, aims to offer patients a chance at a healthier and happier existence.

A graduate of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Dr. Verma operates two successful medical offices in Tampa Bay. Her first office in Clearwater/Safety Harbor, FL, opened a decade ago, with the second in South Tampa/Hyde Park launched 2 1/2 years ago.

Offering diverse services, including medical consults, IV therapy, biohacking, and more, Synergistiq Wellness in South Tampa features a surgical suite for cosmetic surgery, aligning with Dr. Verma’s belief that “vanity is sanity.”

Dr. Verma envisions Synergistiq Wellness as a one-stop-shop for health, wellness, and beauty, with plans for domestic and international expansion. A faculty speaker for organizations like A4M, AMMG, Designs For Health, Vibrant Wellness, and Cutera, she contributes to Bay News 9 on relevant medical issues.

Understanding patient frustration, Dr. Verma, largely self-taught, emphasizes addressing root causes for long-term solutions. Her relentless pursuit of total well-being aligns with Synergistiq Wellness. Integrating Ayurvedic principles, she emphasizes the mind-body connection, advocating a proactive health approach.

Of Eastern-Indian origin, Dr. Verma harmonizes Western and Eastern medicine, bridging two cultures as a 1st generation Indian in America. Believing in giving everyone a chance to create a healthier existence, she emphasizes the preservation of health over curing disease.

In essence, Dr. Verma’s philosophy encourages proactivity in health, embodying the principles of Synergistiq Wellness: a holistic approach to well-being.